[Initiative Q] - A new scam? An Email farming operation? Or an interesting way to launch an ICO?

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Hi All, Crypto Sludge here.

A friend of mine invited me to this giveaway of a new crypto trading platform called "initiative Q".

It's currently an invite only, and upon signing up, you are supposedly given 14,180 Q coins when the platform launches, and you can invite others and get rewards for inviting them.

Honestly, the chance of it ever reaching the 1Q=1$ goal they say is slim to none, but who knows, weirder things did happen :)

As it's a giveaway there is nothing to be lost in trying. And i do must say that i haven't seen an ICO launched at this way yet, so i am intrigued on how good this marketing approach will work, so i am giving it a try and will follow on this project and update you if anything interesting happens.

To be on the safe side if you want to try it out , create a throwaway email, and go to this link https://initiativeq.com/invite/Hexi-LHzX

Trade ON!

Crypto Sludge.


You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Honestly, the chance of it ever reaching the 1Q=1$ goal they say is slim to none, but who knows, wierder things did happen :) .
It should be weirder instead of wierder.

thank you ! what a useful service :D

Only 8 Hours to go!

1 Hour to go, 4 spaces remains!

Look like this initial stage ends in 84 hours, so hurry up :)

could very possibly be. But a long lasting problem with crypto coins launch has been unfair distribution, i like the attempt to distribute coins for free and creating an incentive to do so.

time will tell if this project disappears or not, but i am keeping an eye on the marketing coin launch effort, i am intrigued on the level of success in this type of an approach.

So fast ico close
You have more information about this ico or not ?

It's still running, and at this time it's a giveaway. follow thank link and register to get 14k coins, and you get 11k for each member you bring.
They haven't release any code yet, but since right now they are not asking for money, i think it's worth to get hold of the coins.

any news about after ico completion on exchange listing ?

The giveaway 1st stage has 50 more hours, what will be after that is yet unknown.

This project seems to me sound (however, everyone seems like that). I am going to check it.

Yea, nothing to loose really.

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Just found out about this too and I am trying to get verification that Saar Wilf is actually behind it as there is no mention of it on his Linked In Profile.

It is mentioned on linkedin now

Alguna novedad al respecto sobre este proyecto? Mantenemos confianza o desconfianza en él? Acabo de descubrirlo y he recibido una invitación pero no me genera confianza el método de referidos... lo he visto en otros proyectos fraudulentos... Agradezco más información al respecto!

Parece que este post tambine es fraudulento, habla "demasiado bien" sobre el proyecto. Estaba buscando por informacion, lo raro es que esto fue hace 4 meses y la verificacion sigue en marcha, hmm, no se que creer.

A mi confianza no me genera y la información que puedo encontrar tampoco me acaba dando seguridad, si descubro algo más ya informaré

Hey, igualmente lo único que piden es un email o cuenta de FB o twitter y un password, hasta donde tengo entendido la única forma de engaño sería si usas el mismo password para registrarte que usas en la cuenta con la que te registras. Con usar un password único para esta "iniciativa" ya no hay posibilidades de fraude, hay algo que no estoy viendo? Saludos!

Estoy de acuerdo, a mi me huele a fraude por todos lados pero no veo la forma de fraude... Y tal como dices, como sólo piden un email y password, no soy capaz de encontrarle el riesgo así que ya estoy dentro...xD Veremos como evoluciona esto!

Si yo también me anoté por las dudas jaja
Dejo mi link de referidos por si alguien más se quiere sumar: https://initiativeq.com/invite/HGGlkhwh7