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Participation is Qualification!

I am impressed with all the players who are entering and I will be drawing winners this week. I am keeping track and will create more complicated games to keep things interesting.

I have given away a lot of steem in my time on this amazing platform. I joined in 2016 and am user 50,418. Steemit has always been about generosity and helping one another. These giveaways are meant to help users increase their Steem Power! I will give away all the STEEM earned from this post to 1 random user who does all the following tasks.

There will only be one winner, but everyone has a chance, and all players share the curation reward.

1 You must follow @Darkflame
2 up vote this post,
3 resteem it to your followers,
4 upvote one other recent post I've made, and
5 comment below "show me the steem!"

That's it.

Contest closes when this post pays out, and I will make it a new post to announce the winner!

These are our amazing giveaway players!

Make sure to complete all steps!

@darkflame, @phusionphil, @merryslamb, @ronel, @nagavolu, @designpod, @retinart, @mrstark2u, @kurtco, @lovelyworld, @justinashby, @oneshot, @shila, @garrettwallace, @kiddady, @jenina619, @stokjockey, @steemitboard, @noemilunastorta, @cpl-17, @michaellang, @millibot, @champion-king, @shila, @sifondeseltz
@maxer27, @em3di, @cyberspacegod, @jokossita, @mdf-365, @travoved, @jafa, @natalii46, @stepway174rus, @butanopropan, @maximcracker, @mrarturs, @goldsphex, @russianrockmusic, @empress-katy, @thatterrioguy, @sketch17, @sticksforstones, @mellowrain, @steemadventures, @drago18121996, @fedesox, @adamt, @yehey, @monsterstamer, @nymia.aryn, @phyowinkoko, @mariyem, @marcobus, @sketch17, @pinoy, @sbi9, @itsfall173, @jmehta, @steeming-hot, @itsfall173, @xchng, @chunumunu, @tommyl33, @zedikaredirect, @xchng, @dedekpase, @antonio.vlasov,@rehanrhapsody, @bidesign, @antonio.vlasov, @angrytwin, @nanobot, @canon12, @stepshotfoto, @shenan, @mariasolorzano, @da-dawn, @sd974201, @kr7753191, @oneshot, @sacred-agent, @tereman, @francelys, @thetroublenotes, @sacred-agent, @fredkese, @kofie, @warofcraft, @zedikaredirect, @snowbird, @dylanhobalart, @followforupvotes, @cathynsons, @helpyou, @minerspost, @steeming-hot @cathynsons


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@DarkPylon Gaming

If you want to play a game try http://space.mydarkflame.net !

I am planning to put this on the Steem blockchain this year.


show me the steem!

show me the steem!

Show me the steem!!

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