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RE: Introducing: Feed Your Minnows BOT - FREE UPVOTE GIVEAWAY

in #giveaway3 years ago

That robot sold me on this. I can’t tell if he’s scared out of his mind of how many replies this post could get or if he’s just reporting in for duty.

I am really like seeing crossovers between you and @oleg326756. You two just play really nice off each other.

I’ll bite #feedme


Haha, yeah had to find a silly little robot and this one seemed like he would be able to hold up those buckets and then feed the Minnows. The right bot for the job!

I am curious to see this play out! Thanks for always taking part mate! I also like the random stuff @oleg326756 and I get up to. =)

@enjar Hey mate, do you use streemian? I have another project I am working on so would like you to be part of it. Hit me up on

Busy with bunch of stuff atm. leave me any details you can and i'll look into it when I get the time. Back to cleaning...

I wonder sometimes at which point our respective followers will start suspecting that @scrooger and @oleg326756 are actually one and the same guy, caught in a ‘Fight Club’-like situation…

Good thing we did that interview in Busan, @scrooger! With photo and everything…

Good thing for only 10 cents an hour you can find an actor in Busan lol.

You guys crack me up!

Ah, mate your actor guy is crap! My actor service only charged me 7 cents! Had to buy him coffee though, that's how they get you. Hehehe, yeah maybe on day our account will just fuse together and we will quadrupal our steem in a steemfusional explosion!

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