Free Steem Dollars to Support Minnow - August 3, 2017(+8GMT)

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My dearest friends and neighbor,

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Best Regards,


Thank you @exx007 for doing this giveaway, I really appreciate it!

Upvoted and resteemed done ..tnx friend

i have upvoted and resteemed as well. help the minnows, we are being smothered out and ignored completely. The structure of Steemit is out of whack, and unsustainable as it is. peace... cryptoted

so true, crytoted!

Upvoted and resteemed. please help the minnows!


Reboat and set sail again, i hope it helps my resteem👍🚢

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did it...thanks

Upvote and Resteem!

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thanks for shearing..

I have also upvoted and re-steemed

Upvoted, resteemd and followed :)

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Thanks so much!