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RE: Feed Your Minnows BOT - FREE UPVOTE GIVEAWAY - Season 8 Entry

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Hi there Minnows Who Seek Feeding, you may have seen yesterday that @papa-pepper is running a contest to give away 1 pure silver Steem dollar to 5 deserving Steemians. I have nominated @scrooger. Here is the nominating comment

I nominate @scrooger. He is a great Steemian who, like yourself, spends a lot of his time and energy trying to get other Steemians engaged with Steemit and each other. Some of his numerous accomplishments are starting the @qurator and @make-a-whale communities and creating the Feed Your Minnows BOT, all designed to help new and struggling Steemians to get recognition for their efforts to make good quality posts.

I hope that all Minnows will take a moment to go to the post and support @scrooger also. He has done so much for all of us. Here's the link to @papa-pepper's contest post


Wow thanks man! Really appreciate it. A lot of sleep lost trying to keep it all running smoothly and chatting/admin with members. Steemit never sleeps! Haha. Still having loads of fun with it though.

Appreciate the nomination. Please check the typo for @qurator though =P

Your welcome @scrooger, you deserve the recognition for all your efforts. Thanks for catching the typo too ;)

supported your nomination ;)

Seconded that nomination!

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