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RE: Custom Steemit Icon With YOUR Username • GIVEAWAY • Round 1 • 🦐 Plankton, You're First... (Under 1Mvest)

in #giveaway4 years ago

My pleasure, @yogajill! I've done so many I'm not sure which is my favorite anymore..haha

If you can dream it, I can steem it • I can change colors, font/typeface, and add/eliminate elements infinitely!
Here's one I made a little while back for @sylviamiller + banner image

Same offer applies as above for you as well and the first few who participate​ - I'll change the color for you if you are willing to resteem.

RESTEEM the post to give more people a chance to get one and I'll give you the option to change the color of yours to any color you'd like! 😉

I'm happy when my fellow plankton are happy! haha I am one too! Was over 1M earlier last year, but had to power down a bit. Time to power it up again!


Oh yeah!! Really neat stuff. Thank-you for doing this ❤ it's so kind of you. I did resteem this post already! I like the font you used in @sylviamiller 's banner -- is that what you call these? I am kind of 'vanilla' or 'ripple' chips kinda girl. LOL, i like the 'regular' steem kind of look. Good on you!!!

Bleh, upvoted your reply but it wasn't worth anything. Need to build that up!!

It adds up fast! The you vote a bunch and the value goes down..haha
I try to keep it above 80% voting power but I think I'm below 60 now..takes a while to regenerate it.

Keep at it and your power adds up pretty quickly! ✌️😎

I'll be happy to change the font for you, just a few right back

the cover image/banner is the image on your blog page - a feature added late last year. Here's what mine looks like:
Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 12.45.10 PM.png
you can change it in SETTINGS

Darn! I don't quite understand how this works! Could we co-ordinate a time to chat?! I am super grateful you're offering this fun stuff my way ❤

No problem, I realize there is a ton of stuff to learn here! I'm on (steemitchat doesn't like -
and discord grow-pro#2163

We have to make a conscious effort to make this a better platform and I'm just doing what I can to do my part. The little things add up.

Right on! Thank-you :D next up learning chat!🤞

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