Giving Away 5 Steem Dollars on Reaching 1000 Followers to One Lucky Winner

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I have seen a dry period on Steemit when rewards are extremely hard to find. I know how it feels. There are many people who are not getting much reward. That's the reason I am giving a gift of 5 SBD to one person to boost his/her morale to remain active on Steemit.

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No hidden rules. No sharing of 5 SBD among one hundred people. There will be only one winner and all 5 Steem Dollars will be transferred to that one lucky Steemian.

I recently reached 1000 followers on Steemit and to celebrate this happy moment, I am going to gift 5 SBDs to whoever wins them. The followers have since increased to 1030.


To make it sound less like a lottery and more like a contest, there are going to be something that you will need to do. You have zero chance of winning if you don't try.

How to Participate?

To participate, complete the following simple formalities.

  • Upvote this post.
  • Resteem it.
  • Write any number from 1-150 in the comments. 1 and 150 are included.
  • That's it. You can add your comment but mentioning the number is compulsory.

Here's how the winner will be picked.

  • The winner will be picked using and screenshot will be posted as an edit to this post 12 hours before the final payout.
  • Winners amount will be transferred to his/her account after finalization of post payout.
  • Comments (done in combination with other steps) are valid till payout is finalized.
  • In case more than one people comment the winner number, the earliest comment will win.
  • In case the number does not match any of the entries, the nearest number would be winner.

Remember to upvote, resteem and comment with a number from 1-150 to join the contest. I hope you get the 5 Steem bucks.

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Winner Announcement

Congratulations to @pyschkrhoz for winning 5 Steem Dollars. As per contest rules, I used website to generate a random number from range of 1-150. The number that appeared is #91. Since 91 has not been commented by anyone, the nearest number was to be selected as winner.

The nearest number is #89 by @psychkrhoz so we have a winner.


Congratulations to the winner and thank you all for participating. I will keep arranging giveaways whenever there's something to cherish and celebrate.

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Upvote, comment done. Please resteem (🔁 like icon). I see that you are new to Steemit and haven't set your profile up. Here's some help.

How to Set Up Steemit Profile and Add Profile Picture

Welcome to Steemit. My blog contains some newbie friendly tutorials to make the learning curve easy.

love of luck

Upvote and resteem remaining.

Neither the upvote nor the resteem is done yet.

my computer says otherwise
Screenshot (399).png

See? This post is not showing on your blog which means the resteem is not done. Also, the voter list is public and you can see that your name is not in the voters list of this post.

To participate, resteem and write a number between 1-150.

Asslam U Alikum kessy hai ap or plz mere sunain ap??

Wa Alaikumussalam. Main theek hun aur main sun raha hun baat aap bolo.

13 , congrats , important thing is : steemit should make fun and making us happy , even without much money :)

Yes, quite true. Having fun and being happy is important. Can you please resteem this post so that you become a part of the contest. Plus, someone from your followers can end up getting 5 Steem Dollars.

Can we have like this again when you reach 1500?😉...followed,upvoted,resteemed

7 Steem Dollars may be. I have thought of 10 for 2000 followers as well. If I have abundant of them, I'll try to give more.

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