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in #giveaway4 years ago (edited)

Everyone who participates will get a share of 1000 Doge
one lucky person will win 100 DOGE (DGB) . So, you are guaranteed to get money.

How to participate :- (very easy.. No difficulty)

  1. Upvote and resteem it.
  2. After upvote send your doge or DGB coin address in comments with your name
    3.lucky winners announced after 10 days....

@latest-update I am Spread Knowledge and My DGB Address is This:-

Thanks for Giveaway

@latest-update .,,.... I'm Krishna Malhotra This is my DGB receving Addres ,

i'm just upvoting and resteem your this blog ,.. can you tell me how do you choose your winner?

My doge adress DKekQTFGyWBK4Ai5Y7q5KbWepXZNswUwqk

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