Chelsea vs Barcelona: Free SBD giveaway, predict the score

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Chelsea vs Barcelona is one of the most anticipated matches in Champions League this season. They are playing each other after 5 years. These 2 teams have played with each other for 12 times in which Chelsea won 4, drew 5 and lost 3 to Barcelona. Both teams scored 18 goals each during these meetings. They played each other at 2008/2009 in which Barcelona defeated Chelsea and won the Champions League Trophy. Also, in 2011/12, Chelsea defeated Barcelona in the semifinal and went all the way to win the Champions League. You will be amazed if I mention a fact that Messi has never scored against the Chelsea.

Predict the final score between Chelsea and Barcelona in 1st Leg of Round of 16 and 1st scorer of the match for tie-breaker

Prediction is closed 1 hour before the kick off

One Winner takes all SBD earned during the payout

If more than 1 winner, the SBD earned will be divided equally among all the winners

Winners will be announced and paid on 25/02/18

Comments that don't follow rules will be disqualified.


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2.Resteem the post so that more people will know and winning pot will be bigger

3.Comment in following Format:

Chelsea 1 : 1 Barcelona, Messi

Good luck to you all



Chelsea 0 : 2 Barcelona, Luis Suárez

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chelsea 1 barcelona 1
stewert willian to score first

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Chelsea 1, Barcelona 0

Please predict first scorer of the match for tie breaker

Chelsea 1 : 4 Barcelona, Messi

Chelsea - Barcelona
1 - 1 with Suarez als first goal scorer.

Chelsea 1 : 3 Barcelona, Lionel Messi

Chelsea 1 : 3 Barcelona, Luis Suarez

Congratulations @danimal for your correct prediction. You will receive your SBD when the post pays out.

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? What about me? I guessed the same score, but different goalscorer.

As per rule, the tie-breaker will be decided by the goal scorer and he got it. He is the winner.

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O shoot, I missed that. No worries mate I should have checked who scored first.

Post Paid, Congratulation @danimal