Free Crypto coins/tokens worth $100: Airdrop Lists-9

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Who doesn’t love free money? You, me and everybody. Airdrop is one of the ways to get free coins and tokens. So, what exactly is airdrop? It is free tokens and coins distributed by ongoing new projects in blockchain to the crypto community.

Why they give it for free? It is for promotion or marketing campaign. They want to share about their product to the people who are active in the crypto world. Also, many Airdrop these days asks for their promotion on your social media platform in return for the coins or tokens they gave it to you.
Some airdrop can sometimes give huge profit. But the fact is you never know which one will. eBTC, OMG, Stellar were some of the good airdrops I got chance to get into. I still participate in some of the Airdrop and pray that they will return big to me. Here is the link to some of the Airdrop I signed up recently:

Veiris Airdrop (WORTH $20)

Veiris is airdropping $20 worth of VEE tokens to its community members. They already have fully functional android and IOS apps. Not a scam, worth getting this $20 airdrop. They are airdropping 7% of total tokens.

  1. Fill out the airdrop form
  2. Join their Telegram group and make at least 1 question about the project
  3. Submit your email, Telegram ID and ETH address

Enlte (ENLTE) Airdrop (Worth $ 9.6)

Incredible rating of 4.8 from 21 experts on ICObench. This should say enough about the project. The first 100 ENLTE (~$1.6) are really easy to claim and if you want 500 ENLTE more just download the Android app or wait until the Web and iOS app is available (apply here). Quite a lot of tokens compared to the total supply.

  1. Start the bot here:
  2. Join Telegram @enltecom and @enlte
  3. Enter /webwallet in the bot and submit your e-mail address (+100 ENTLE)
    optional: Download the Android app and submit your e-mail you've registered with after typing /enlteapp in the bot (+500 ENLTE)
    If you don't have an Android device apply here for Web or iOS version (coming soon).
    Feel free to use [email protected]om as referral code in the app to have chance to get extra tokens. Thanks :)

ZetoChain Airdrop (Worth $5)

The supply chain for food is in our eyes a very good use case for blockchain. However there are already huge competitors in the market. They have a 15 person big team and a 4.3 rating on ICObench but only from the bot, that doesn't say much. The whitepaper is good. Oberall above average.

  1. Start the bot:
  2. Join Telegram @zetochain and @zetochainairdrop
  3. Follow Twitter
  4. Like Facebook (no verification)
  5. Submit your details to the bot


Limited seats available for SSOT airdrop

  1. Go to link
  2. Enter Email address
  3. Join the telegram group
  4. Follow in twitter and retweet the top link. You will get $6 worth of token
    ~3000 submissions removed after verification
    You received an email if you were not eligible
    Airdrop now re-opened for new participants!

ParisCoin Airdrop

ParisCoin is airdropping 10 PARIS tokens (~ 3 USD) to the community for a simple sign up on their website!

  1. Go to airdrop
  2. Sign up with your email address
  3. Confirm your email
  4. You will be credited with 10 PARIS tokens in your account

Seekerlab Airdrop (worth $7)

Seekerlab is airdropping 50 SEC tokens (~ 7 USD) to Telegram users.

  1. Go to airdrop
  2. Enter your ETH address and click on submit.
  3. Join Seekerlab Telegram Group @seekerlab
  4. Copy the verification code and send it to the Telegram group to receive 50 SEC tokens

Beat Tokens (worth $2)

Get Free Beat tokens worth $100. You can earn 150 -200Beats Tokens and more for different social media activities.
1 Sign up here:
2 Complete different social media activities in facebook, twitter and telegram

Tripagotravel Airdrop( Worth $14):

Tripagotravel is airdropping TPG token worth $14 for the social media activities.
1 Sign up:
2 Verify the email
3 Join Telegram, facebook, and twitter
4 Get 475 TPG token worth $14

BPC Blockchain Airdrop

BPC distributes free 188 BPC tokens to Telegram users.
1 Submit your ETH address
2 Paste your unique invitation code in the group @bpcgroup
3 You will be credited with 188 BPC tokens

Synapse AI (SYN)- Worth $7

Sign up to Synapse AI and verify your account to get SYN token worth $7. It is one of very good project and airdrop is still open.
1 Sign Up to
2 Verify your E-Mail
3 Wait until you can withdraw the tokens

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Join SwiftDemand and earn 100 Swift everyday. It can be used in their website for goods and services.

Join Its like steemit.


Join Mannabase and start earning Manna tokens weekly.


awesome article. I have applied to many airdrops but most of them were scam or shit coins which you cant withdraw your coins to an Exchange to sell them. so I am sking you now.?? can I withdraw any of these coins right now and sell them on exchange?? and if you did plz let me know. thanks for ur time.

EKO was the one that you could trade in HitBTC, but its airdrop is over. For most of them, you have to HODL.
That is what airdrop is supposed to mean, they want you to hold the coin and increase the community. You would be able to after some time. But you are right, many of them are a scam too. It is just about taking chances. There is some airdrop like TRON, OMG, STELLAR, which gave me very good money in return. So, its all about holding and being patience. Its free and you never know what is coming.

yes you are right. But i think the three you mention were god projects and had mass adoptation in ICO period. like what is going on with APPICS ICO and its bunty system right now. if you are interested sing up from my refral link here and get free coins just by licking theri pages on steemit. facebook and twiter.
there is an amazing website called which is like likedin based on blockchaina nd alows you to get paid messages to adopte and hold airdrops from new ICO. get paid messages to answer simple tasks an dmost of time these tasks are 1 USD and more. tasks are simple just join to their telgram channel and like their twiter page. I collect free coins with this method.
if you are interested sing up under mu ref link here and link your linkedin account to get verfied and recived paid messages daily expect weekends.

Signed up but couldn't login. It said my account is suspended. I don't know whats wronng with

I think you have to wait till they verfiy your account and your linkedin profile. cuz they want to work with real people. so you have to wait. just link your linkedin account and build up your account and then you can set up your price to answer questions if you are expert in soemthing or you can choose just One USD per message. I almost daily recive paid messages with one USD and do this micortaask within a mintue and if you build up ur refral commisions you will earn more. Good luck man. looking frward to see more from you.

Love the airdrops! Been hanging out on Discord a bit, picking up the odd one myself. I do get a little lazy though and only take the super low hanging fruit, I admit!

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i love steem coin ... and i like all cry @sanjibking

Or preregister for Ethos universal wallet and get Bodhi, Bitdegree and many other airdrop.

I got Tron airdrop in Binance and got $100 for free. I sold it to buy ethos !

I Registered for it. How did you get tron?

It was back then when tron was a new coin and binance was an small exchange. I got airdropped !

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