CATURDAY NIGHT FEVER ~ CryptoKitty Poetry Challenge ~ 5 Fancy Cats as Prizes!

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Welcome to CATURDAY NIGHT FEVER! A series of Kitty Giveaways. Wait, what's going on? Well, I have too many CryptoKitties, so I'm giving a bunch of them away to fellow Steemians. I saw that @berniesanders was giving away a fancy cat yesterday... and thought... just 1? This is the season of giving! Cats make for purrrrfect holiday presents. Let's up the ante :P


Get ya free Duck Cat here! These feline phenoms rate anywhere from Brisk to Poddling to Slow. A mix of Generation 7 - 8's (because I'm a classy catman, no gen. 20's etc.) These high quality hairballs are hard to come by and are a bit pricier than the typical Crypto Kitty.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 3.11.11 PM.png

How to play?

Crypto Kitty Poetry. To woo a Duck Cat first you must profess your intentions in the form of a poem. Poems can be any length, on any topic (so long as it's about these CATS).

  • Upvote this post
  • Write a CryptoKitty-inspired poem in the comments below
  • 3 highest upvoted comments will receive a free Fancy Cat
  • 2 additional poems will be selected by myself (regardless of upvote popularity)

Timeframe: Let the Cat Poetry Competition begin! Window closes tomorrow - Sunday, 11:59am EST. Claiming your cat: I'll reach out to the winners via comments requesting their wallet address. All 5 fancy cats will be distributed on Sunday.


Thanks for playing CATURDAY NIGHT FEVER! Enjoy your new Kitties :P



Here is my Haiku:

Cyber cat army
Cost a bloody ETH fortune
Must recoup costs now


Bahahah, yours is very good. Short and sweet :) good luck!

Duck Cat: Fancy and Free

Fear me o wind,
You are nature’s harbinger of cold wintry days ahead,
The peaceful nights amid
The howling chill of nature’s desperate voice treads
Lightly down the unforgiving path...
Long-lasting it’s voice flows free a flimsy dance
That flits a bit in quiet wrath,
The turning pirouette possibly it’s last Summer chance.
Then the Duck Cat prances in,
Hips subtly swinging and tail flicking and wiggling...
Playful eyes twinkle and spin
As the cold breeze tickles again against her belly, giggling,
Singing a love song to the fanciest Cat,
Hoping for their souls to match pace and breed
A lifetime of “I Love Yous” and idle chit-chat...
The Duck Cat laughs her tinkling laugh at each good deed...
For you see, my sweet reader friends,
The Duck Cat made the wind grow loving and warm,
And here the tail flicks and the tale ends
As the wind now shows the Summer warmth and charm.

Purrfection :D

I think it turned out to be the cat’s meow.

Delightful poem! meow! Puuurrrfffect

I Cat believe my eyes, lol.

ROFL! Great response <3


Thank you so much!

You are gonna hit by a Kitty, :]

Oh crpto kitty,

What a pity to miss a pretty kitty.

Kitty duck, bring me much luck. Some say they suck, but I dare say Kitty duck I love ya.

Cha-cha with me kitty duck. I love ya. Don't freeze on me, dance with me, and delete all the unbeliever bee's.

Cha-cha with me kitty duck. Our dance will win me a caturday night fever! Fever achiever, named her kitty, bubby kubby. Will she find a hubby?

Not without a duck kitty, chuck! So, wish me luck, pick my deluxe, please give my comment an ups!


Good job kubby! 😃

lol, thank you!

@kubbyelizabeth, fantastic! Nice kubby!

Fe-line good!

I’m quite proud of that too :)

Da cutest... :)

:) You are too!

All my kitties
Are so pretties
I buy them with my cryptocurrencies!

A fancy cat is rare indeed,
I would sorely love one to breed
So I write you this poem and hope I succeed :)


Fancy feast of poetry!

You have so many Kitties you're giving some away! 🐈
If I could earn 1 it would just make my day.

When I first heard about these Kitties I jumped right in
but the learning was steep, and I tried with no win.

Try after try of " this Kitty's been sold "
and failed transactions left me with less Gold.

Paying with ETH was new to me you see
if you don't get the Kitty you still pay the fee.

Hours and hours of finding no glee
then a Poker friend said, " man I'll send 1 for free! "

So started my journey of Kitties with me
maybe I can slip a couple under the tree?

You're giving a Fancy Kitty, A DuCat with wings
until CryptoKitties who heard of such things?

Steemster's are Great people they give for no reason
except for the fact were in Holiday Season 🎄

Merry Christmas Everybody 🎅
From Kitty Addy ---> 0x3217309e1937fd2a5fa72c3d92cb0498b5933ba9

Forbidden Love

Once upon a time in a land far away
There was a duck and a kitty that wanted to play
Their friendship quickly evolved to much more
Life without each other became such a bore
Everyone said their love wasn’t right
So, they decided to run away into the night
To a cabin they found by a large oak tree
They knew here that their love could be free
And after a night filled with beautiful love
A gift was created from God above
This tiny little bundle half mom and half dad
Was perfect union of love they had

Omgsh, covers eyes is that how babies are made?!

Only if no anatomy is added to the mix, lol!

Is that a crypto kitty!
It looks like the showed the duck a little pitty
made the ether developers go home for some titty
buying one of you is actually quite tricky

Its about time
Some crypto developers made some thing worth a dime
after all these kitties are pretty sublime

Thanks, hope this was good enough, My last one wasn't good enough so I deleted it...

Cat-tastic ;)

Honestly I don't know how to right a poem, I tried though. You gave me one last week so If I don't come close its all good.


Spock kitty, manx kitty,
cottoncandy fur!
Crazy kitty? Saycheese kitty?!
Uhh, hurr durr


Ducat Haiku #1

Confused duck feline
Do you migrate south or north?
Are your eggs all hairballs?

Ducat #2

Cryptokitties a sickness
or a disease
where I cash out yields
the moment ether
flows from boons to breeders
and fills my screen
with three pages
of feline beings

The Cat's Meow!

Please don't laugh, my first try at poetry.

Cryptokitties, oh i love them and their fur,

When in front of you, everything else is blur,

Not only money, also account the love they transfer,

If there was a universal sound depicting peace, I would surely vote for the 'purr'...

Four out of Five Meows! ★★★★☆

My Acrostic Crypto Kitty Poem..

Cats for crypto they said
Removing your intangables
Your coins
Precious coins.
Treasures you cant hold
Out of sight but never out of mind

Kindly asked for more
Investing time into
Thankfully lately
Yielding positive gains...

What is the process of naming a kitty? I don't see that function anywhere.
You seem to have that all figured out. :-)

Go to the profile of a kitty you own, and simply click on it's name (which by default is Kitty#XXXXXX). Now just type in the new name and click on enter, and it's all set.

So simple, that's probably why I didn't get it. LOL
Your the best :-)
Merry Christmas

Hehe, yeah, it's actually very easy ;)

Merry Christmas to you and your kitties as well!