HEY, I'M FELINE GOOD - CryptoKitty Giveaway! (Ep. 5)

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Welcome to my ongoing series of Kitty Giveaways. Wait, what's going on? Well, I have WAY too many CryptoKitties, so I'm giving a ton of them away to fellow Steemians.

Want A Free Kitty?

The first three people to comment with their CryptoKitty address will receive a cat! For Free! Simply share your address below and I'll send you one of my furry fellas. First come first serve. Here's the litter of this FIFTH giveaway. Stay tuned for more tonight. Here's how to play...

  • Upvote the post :P
  • Comment with your Kitty Address!
  • I'll gift you one of the three Kitties below!

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 9.21.29 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 9.21.09 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 9.20.36 PM.png

This is Episode five of my fur ball giveaway. So far, a grand total of 12 cats have been given away to new and deserving owners.

Thanks for playing! Enjoy your new Kitties :P





Yesssss!!! Thank you so much!!

Ooo! You lucky bassad Damoshi!!

Hahaha enjoy the kitty! :))


Yay! Thank you so much for running these, I love them!

Hey @lgm-1 Welcome to the platform! I'm giving away free Cryptokitties too! Check out my profile for CryptoKitty tips and FREE CRYPTOKITTY GIVEAWAYS! Just sent you a follow and upvoted a few of your posts.

Happy Breeding! 😻🐯🦁😻


Ah, just missed it, stay tuned for the next round! :P

In Siam, the cat was so revered that one rode in a chariot at the head of a parade celebrating the new king.

In Ethereum, the cat gave the blockchain a hairball so big it nearly collapsed the kingdom.

Blue-eyed, pure white cats are frequently deaf.


Sir.If you mind,please follow me

Just missed it, stay tuned for the next round! :P


I think i missed it bust just incase!

Oh no! Just missed it, stay tuned for the next round! :P

Is there any way to get notifications when you do this?

Awww rats! Just missed it :(

Here is my address... <3 <3 <3

Ah, just missed it, stay tuned for the next round! :P

Damn...when I commented there were only two others.
One of those split second things. <3 <3 <3