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RE: Custom Steemit Icon With YOUR Username • GIVEAWAY • Round 1 • 🦐 Plankton, You're First... (Under 1Mvest)

in #giveaway4 years ago

I know it's like a week old, but I would love a badge for my Plankton Posts!? One, please?! Following for more of your supportive projects! Thank you for making us look official :)


No problem, @mental-extract!

Running until the slots fill up ;) So no worries! I figured since you asked, here's 2 for U

Thank you so very much! You're awesome. Thank you for the bonus, too! I believe I'm going to have to add it to my Cover photo I just designed :) I'll be following the cool stuff you are doing here. Cheers!

No problem, @mental-extract! Happy to help and I'm glad you can use them! Doin what I can to keep us all dreamin & steemin'
Steem on! 🔥🚀

Chooooo choooooo! lol