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RE: Introducing: Feed Your Minnows BOT - FREE UPVOTE GIVEAWAY

in #giveaway3 years ago (edited)

A quote from my election platform:

When I’m President, the Minnows will be fed twice a day. Who’s gonna pay for it, you may wonder? @scrooger and his whale friends, that’s who!

Well, I maybe overpromised on the “twice a day” part, but it looks like you’re going to feed my minnows once a day at least. And you’re the one paying. See? ;-P


Your prophecy wasn't that far off @oleg326756 I can always change the settings to twice a day if the voting power will hold up! Will see how it goes. Don't think we will be able to lease a lot of SP with the payout, I will help out with a few steem to make it worth it for the Minnows =)

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