Enter to win 200 Steem Power Delegation (90 days) 12/16/18

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There was not a winner in the 100 steem power delegation (90 days) 12/15/18 so i will be adding 100 more steem power delegation (90 days)

For the winner of this contest i will do a 200 steem power delegation for 90 days thru blocktrades to the winner

Requirements to win

100% Upvote this post

I will randomly pick a winner from the upvotes if its not a 100% upvote then i will start a new contest and add more steem power delegation to the next contest.

Entry for this contest can be done up till 11:59pm eastern standard time on 12/16/2018.

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Following, upvoted and resteemed.

Rest assured @ziapase I received my 100sp delegation last night, @ralph-rennoldson is a very generous Steemian.

I agree, hopefully you can use SP from @ralph-rennoldson well.

I am happy to see that the delegation program continues, my friend @crypto.piotr also does it.

Keep spirit :))

thank you @wonderwop i appreciate the kind words, im just trying to grow on the platform and let you guys win in the process :)

200 SP is quite a lot - I would be very happy with that! :)

Muy buena oportunidad amigo para aumentar un poco nuestro Steem Power, gracias a la oportunidad que nos ofreces @ralph-rennoldson. Feliz Domingo

Love to have the extra SP to spread the love!

Hello @ralph-rennoldson can you add that participants add a comment?

This will distinguish us from bots, random and trail voters. Thanks!

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good idea, ill have to add something to this affect for the future ones, i dont want to change it on this one since i already posted the requirement. I could do the drawing out of the upvotes, and only the winner can be declared with a 100% upvote and comment as a requirement to actually win.

Okay, that's cool

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I see you always write posts about giving delegates, but I haven't seen a list of names that have received SP delegations from you

i have had 4 since i started this contest and they are @wonderwop, @amr008, @hobo.media, @elianisa09

yeah awesome, I was still wondering about this, thanks for sharing information.

hope I can win your contest too 😊😊

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

Great initiative!👍😊 Keep on the good work!!🤗

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All done. Wish everyone best of luck.

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