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How to get your free Dimecoin?

Show the posts on my blog some love! Resteem this post and leave your Dimecoin wallet address below in the comments

If you have a dimecoin wallet make sure its synced to the network before you give me your wallet address.
If you need a quick wallet you can get one on the exchange cryptopia (dont leave your coins on the exchange tho)

Everyone have a good day!!!! Steem on my friend


My wallet address is 1 2 3 4 ... 5!

lol im pretty sure that one will not work, try again :)

7GKVK3Yxu1gu4J9hACGTrXA8D2ccYgaSaL thank you for this giveaway, actually, I do this to test "cryptopia" :D have a nice day u too @ralph-rennoldson!

7CFaAMfWWpy8sEwy5LRgEobwtXCJ9xBiPt <=== my dimecoin wallet cryptopia
support this post and resteem thanks mate :)
have a good day to you

Is there a preferred wallet of Android?

not that i know of, you can get one on cryptopia

Nice, but DIME is worth nothing.

true, but anything is possible in the future

good morning @ralph-rennoldson i really know nothing about Dimecoin although i did buy some a couple of months ago, simply because it was super low in price, and thought i would just hold on to them, i haven't really looked into find out much either if i am honest, although i did come across this article
what do you know about it if you don't mind me asking thanks

i really dont know much about it, i just liked how cheap it was and it looked like that it started having higher lows, so i thought it would be worth owning some :)

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Good info for me as I never heard about Dimecoin before... So many coins available in the market beyond my imagination...

Good job my friend... but I don't have wallet dimecoin.

whats up doc..

How can i make a dime coin wallet??

sign up to cryptopia is the quickest way

oh okay ,thanks Doc

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