Lotto Steem Giveaway Jackpot 25 Steem 11/26/18

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Rules of the lotto steem giveaway!

Make sure you are following me
Upvote this post
Resteem this post
Pick one number from 1 thru 1000 and comment below

Make sure you follow these steps to make sure your pick counts!!

If you pick the right number you will win the Jackpot (If anyone picks the same number the prize will be split between those contestants)


Todays Jackpot is 25 steem

If no one wins i will roll this amount of steem over to the next giveaway and add more steem to that contest!

Entry for this contest can be done up till 8pm eastern standard time on 11/26/2018.

The drawing will be held at 9pm eastern standard time on 11/26/2018 where a winner will be declared or the next lottery will begin.

Lets have some fun and lets see who the winner will be!!!




This giveaway has ended please go to and click on the most recent giveaway!

Well good luck to all. Going for 456.

thank you @jason7282 for your entry and good luck

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Hi ! 777 again :)

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