Lotto Steem Giveaway Jackpot 30 Steem 12/18/18

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Rules of the lotto steem giveaway!

Make sure you are

Following me

Upvote this post

Resteem this post

If you dont do these three things your entry will be void

Pick one number from 1 thru 1000 and comment below

Make sure you follow these steps to make sure your pick counts!!

If you pick the right number you will win the Jackpot (If anyone picks the same number the prize will be split between those contestants)


Yesterday number was 166


for the 25 steem jackpot, we had no winner so i will be adding 5 steem to this jackpot

Todays Jackpot is 30 steem

If no one wins i will roll this amount of steem over to the next giveaway and add more steem to that contest!

Entry for this contest can be done up till 11:59pm eastern standard time on 12/18/2018.

Lets have some fun and lets see who the winner will be!!!

Also i will be keeping the entries from the other giveaways for this contest. they are listed below.

@junior182 1
@ronaldoavelino 4
@wonderwop 13
@drwb 14
@vicspics 17
@blessed-girl 19
@avel692 21
@amr008 32
@amr008 33
@amr008 34
@amr008 35
@bitandi 55
@odonko-ba 56
@dallas27 61
@fundroid 72
@avel692 79
@maurofarina 89
@memelicious 97
@aejackson 103
@wonderwop 113
@elizacheng 116
@franciscana23 117
@petrarodriguez 123
@edgargonzalez 126
@aejackson 156
@elizacheng 161
@vinnieleow 165
@ryenneleow 184
@ronaldoavelino 200
@bitandi 210
@wonderwop 213
@elianisa09 219
@franciscana23 250
@petrarodriguez 275
@natha93 301
@franciscana23 309
@wonderwop 313
@knowledge-seeker 322
@burrels 333
@teresah 346
@dallas27 369
@elianisa09 372
@petrarodriguez 413
@franciscana23 414
@minhaz007 416
@elianisa09 418
@chadmichaellibby 420
@ronaldoavelino 492
@bitandi 500
@edgargonzalez 511
@ronaldoavelino 512
@wonderwop 513
@jennimorillo 528
@fromgreenland 550
@romanreign 555
@alejo1996 566
@jennimorillo 615
@petrarodriguez 630
@romanreign 634
@bitandi 666
@elianisa09 690
@ronaldoavelino 692
@wilsonkoh 714
@franciscana23 721
@bitandi 750
@jennimorillo 756
@ziapase 777
@ryenneleow 814
@venkatesh15921 876
@wilsonkoh 888
@aejackson 943
@cst90 953




didnt resteem or follow me

@ralph-rennoldson purchased a 93.86% vote from @promobot on this post.

*If you disagree with the reward or content of this post you can purchase a reversal of this vote by using our curation interface

didnt follow or resteem

Uhm... well, I am really a formidable good guesser and I use an infallible crystal ball too. The only dysfunction in this little story is that my luck always insist in contradict me.

So, even when I'm following you (1st rule) I'm afraid that I'm going to have to jump over the other two rules clean for the reasons already explained.

Therefore for this roulette game of 1000 numbers I'm gonna pick the double zero.

"00" for me please!! :)


This post has received a 3.13 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @ralph-rennoldson.

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