giveaways are always fun! good luck to the participants :)

yes and even better whem minnows help each other grow! 😎

Hello @roundbeargames...

I love Giveaways - did many in September to December 2017.

Visit my blog because there is one great free STEEM action started some minutes ago ;-)

P.S. upvoted and followed ;-)

thanks for dropping by! i shall do the same 😃👍

apparently there are also blacklisted ones. If you may know, what causes them to be blacklisted

spams and shit comments :)
or posting nothing but generic articles.

Thank you for the information. it could be a lesson for them too :)

most of them don't even care. they're just spamming everywhere 😆
i do my best to filter them out.

it is better. so as not to interfere with this good and running program

You'r indeed the best friend I met, always healthy, able activities as usual, @roundbeargames,☺️👊👍

haha thanks! we never met but let's hope we both grow 👍
and maybe one day we will meet!

Cheers mate thank you very much:)

thanks mate! i think i'm gonna have some beer tonight. you do the same lol and enjoy your weekend :)

Cheers mate hope your weekend is great :)

Thank you @roundbeargames

Forgive me who often come late in your post, I regret being late in coming to your post before

I hope many Steemian are kind and generous like you @roundbeargames 👍🤗

don't worry about it 😄
i appreciate your support. let's grow!

Thanks @roundbeargames

I hope I can be as successful as you 👍😊

Cheers 🍻 Bro

cheers! thanks for the support man 👊😎

Hhiii @roundbeargames.
Thanks a lot for give way.
You're kindly of Friend, even though we are keep on touch on Steemit.

Success for you!

well these days people are practically living on the internet! 😄
it doesn't make it any less real 👍

Yupz!By internet, we can go anywhere faster😅😅😅

Friend, good morning, I thank you for your support and for taking into account the Venezuelans. I am very grateful to you that God bless you, always greetings

let's hope i can increase the numbers in the future :)
for now it's a very small gift

Thank you @roundbeargames, I'm in the list above. sorry i just got to read it 😊😁

i'm glad you're in it! it just means you've been very supportive 😄

ㅠ.ㅠ 하...

하.. 감동의도가니탕 ㅋㅋㅋ

hory shiet! drooooolzzzzz

it's like cow ligaments and tendons :)
awesome stuff! 👍

thank you very much my friend...

you're welcome :)
support goes both ways!

more interesting and challenging, of course

Thank you very much for your support... many successes for you @roundbeargames 😊

successes to you too @loresb :)

Thank you @roundbeargames for your gift😊

thanks :)
let's hope we can increase the numbers by early next year 👍

Yes, I always hope😊

Hello friend, I'm just getting up, thanks for this, to follow your successes. Happy day.

and i'm about to go to bed :)
you're on the other side! have a good day

Yes haha, sweet dreams.

i got mine, thanks for the endless love @roundbeargames

well, support goes both ways! 😄
i thank you for your love too!

I honestly don't like spam. But I wonder why they spamer?
I appreciate your work
Thanks for this @roundbeargames

no offense, but you have generic articles that look like spam 😌

I appreciate your opinion.But my article is really my own.
I am not offended. But can you say which one you think is generic? I really appreciate your answer for an improvement.
Thanks for this @roundbeargames

this is just my opinions too, so a grain of salt here.
but nothing's different from your articles compared to the spams.
the thumbnails are super generic and random. personally, i'd just talk about my personal life, or at least use your own face/photos to make it unique.

I understand friend. I honestly don't have many personal photos. But, I will try the articulate in the future to display a personal photo. Thank you for your input. You are the best


I've bought another ticket. 😀

haha thanks for playing 👍
i wish you luck man!

What a great thing to do @roundbeargames good to see while the price is so low.

ah yes the prices 😥
it's sad, but i'm not too worried about the short term.
let's hope smts make an impact next year!

So glad to hear that @roundbeargames I have been here almost 2 years guess I am in for the long term hehe.

Oh! Thank you very much for that gesture.I am anxious to see all those new things that you are planning, surely they will be fantastic 👏👏

thanks! trying new things is always fun, and usually very positive! 😃
enjoy your weekend @rosargelisperez

thank you for your support you are always a great friend greetings

greetings amigo :)
i thank you for the support 😺

Wow, a very good concepts about how you do giveaway. Another types of giving back to community. Cheers for that...

Posted using Partiko Android

hey man thanks :)
i feel like especially steem is all about giving back and forth 😃

Yes it is bro. We here in Sabah, Malaysia soon will have an event also giving back to community, to let them know what is blockchain.

Posted using Partiko Android

that's awesome 👍
eventually crypto and blockchains are gonna change the world 😎
let people know about it!

Yes it is... blockchain gonna help the world to a better change

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Hey man... Thank you for the full upvote. Much appreciate it.

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haha it's not much but it's what i can do 😄

Well. It is still the best support

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[email protected],una vez mas muchas gracias por su aporte,a pesar de la distancia y el trato personal me ha demostrado tener un gran corazon hacia el projimo,se lo agradezco,que dios se lo multiplique en salud y mucha paz,miles bendiciones para usted,saludos

thanks to you too 👍
the distance doesn't matter because there's so many platforms now!
and i just hope steem will be big later on 😆

thank you friend a big hug and greetings and I wish you to continue with your successes on this page ..

thanks for the hug 😆
let's hope we can increase the numbers in the future!

Hey dude. Thanks for the surprise! Sorry weren't replying you enough since Slotto being introduced. One thing is I don't really do betting for some personal reason, another thing is I have very little to contribute hence I choose to quietly upvote instead of talking rubbish like a bot. Don't worry, I will use the layout to Slotto it. Hehe

lol don't worry about it man. i'm thinking i've been talking too much about slotto already. tomorrow i'm just gonna go outside, record a video with a shitty phone, and see what happens 😎

quiet upvotes are awesome too btw!

Brother @roundbeargames, Thank you so much for considering me in this Steem Giveaway and this is an kind gesture for sure.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

well it's not really me! i'm just processing the numbers 😄
it means you've been supportive, so i thank you!

Ha ha, fun to hear these words. Enjoy the day ahead. 🙂

thank you brother for that support, blessings for you

enjoy your weekend amigo :)


Always so generous! :) Thank you very much, I hope I can continue to show you my support in your projects!

well you're always doing it! 😄
always leaving nice comments. i thank you!

De corazón @roundbeargames. Gracias por el constante apoyo a veces no sabes lo que ese poquito puede significar para nosotros en especial a los Venezolanos

thanks for the nice comment :)
it's also from the brain because i wanna see minnows help each other grow 😆

I really don't think, if you enter my name ...
I thank you for your trust.
sustainable success for slotto

i don't understand what you're saying here

ooo I installed it before, there was no purpose from me.
and you don't give an idea about how to use it, so I try it😅

Thank you @roundbeargames
It seems like the time interval between SBD giveaway # 5 to STEEM giveaway # 6 is quite long too. 😊
Once again thank you @roundbeargames

Yes its been awhile and im happy to do this again! 😄

Yes, thank you @roundbeargames

I like to make friends and follow you. When can you make contests or other games?

I did not participate in the sloto lottery because I didn't see it from the first round.

I plan to make 2 more games before smts arrive. For slotto, it doesnt matter when you participate 😀

Ok, thank you @roundbeargames
I'm ready for participate.

Thank you for your contribution!
Good fortune.


i guess this is like a good luck charm :)

Thanks for your steem giveaway dear @roundbearganes. :-) We're with you.

thanks for the support 👍

You are so generous, that's why you are blessed... Thank you so much 😘😘😘

well i don't feel blessed enough yet! 😆
still have a lot of work to do!
but thanks for the support 😁

Thank you for your kind appreciation engaged me and others steemian. Hopefully you'll success again. Have your nice weekend

Posted using Partiko Android

i thank you for the support 😺
enjoy your weekend

Thanks for the generosity mate! :)

you're welcome mate! let's grow! 👍

Thank you very much for the prize @roundbeargames. Lately, I'm busy with the final test on my campus, so I rarely greet you. Have a nice day, greetings

that's alright man. just stop by when you have time 😎

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Thanks for this contest and now I be your follower (luckily am not in the blacklist). Cheers!

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Haha thanks for coming!
You havent done anything to me, no reason to blacklist you 😁

hey my buddy, I've spent time without being able to talk to you but I've already returned, I'm getting better from my arm pains and as soon as I get into steemit the first thing I see is your small (big) token of appreciation and I have to thank you very much for that, I know that soon many of we will have the ability to send you samples of appreciation to you too

I'm in! Upvoted Resteemed and Followed! :)

Thanks! This is a good start of our friendship Haha!

thanks for the resteem :)
yes there's a start to everything! 😃

Is there a chance for me to get Steem dollars ?

for this event? yes. i just give back to people who are supportive, who're constantly voting and commenting.

Oh. I see. Thank you for teaching me

Good luck to everyone :)

Thank you @rounbeargames, when SBD decreases you still always share ... You are the best ... 👍👍😘😊

thanks! 😃
i'm not just giving because support goes both ways! 👍