Feed Your Minnows BOT - FREE UPVOTE GIVEAWAY - Season 15 Registration

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Feed Your Minnows is a great project that @oleg326756 came up with where he would feed his Minnows (his awesome followers). He would make a post once a week and all the SBD earned by the post will be paid out to the registered Minnows.

This inspired me to make a Feed Your Minnows of my own, with a little twist of course!


The awesome minnows who joined Season 14 and will be receiving upvotes for the next week

We have 153 members to feed this upcoming week! (77 #feedme members and 76 lifetime members)

Registering for Season 15 will let you allow you to stay in the Voting Pool for another week. If you are already a member you know what to do! Scroll down, upvote and comment with #feedme in your comment.

Here is a list of all the members who followed the steps of upvoting the post and registering with the #feedme comment.

Members who registered for Season 14

@taministy @niallon11 @pibyk @onufry @poonamsingh @kryzsec @river-island @hillaryoki @irastra @owenwat @asyrafahamed @tjcdc @micch @ajmaln @ruth-girl @branlee87 @sweetcha @just2random @cobmaximus @waphilip @niddumulu @g10a @zonguin @crissimoes @birjudanak @danielwong @honeysara @emrebeyler @gingerninja @jmcmeekin @mcmonkey @reactivator @bypaul @wanderingartist @rebelstar @premraval010 @gillianpearce @miranas @captainklaus @danmaruschak @dhaneshpk @fc-barcelona @yushaina @ckurtish @criptomaster @nicanor-mosquera @jpphotography @yulchata @saafaari @chasmic-cosm @vikaskaladharan @laurabarrera @kenji77 @misssand @marypoppopins @tuanis @kekegist @lenapena @frank1in @mohannad @alemars16 @mineopoly @aansfarhans @jatinhota @amarbir @ak4774 @thomasgift @for91days @djlethalskillz @dejan.vuckovic @zarfot @soyrosa @theexplorer @steembusiness @abasinkanga @safat @dedicatedguy

Users who paid the 1 SBD/STEEM for the lifetime membership:

@ajdohmen @ fatkat @ackhoo @albertvhons @anaman @ana-maria @arunava @brisby @brumest @cheeto.blue @costanza @danpaulson @dksart @doctorcrypto @edthecanadian @em3 @erikaflynn @ewkaw @fates @flauwy @gregory-f @honolulu @ironshield @jerrytsuseer @joanstewart @josephsavage @josferod2 @joyandhappiness @jraysteem @kanoe @kona @kubbyelizabeth @ladyrebecca @leyargoz @lindasymonds @lizelle @lizzyb @maarnio @malay11 @mariannewest @marlon82 @maskedblogger @me-do @melinda010100 @mihail.tsvetkov @mooncryption @nelinoeva @nicnicy @ninahaskin @oleg326756 @pearica @pipiczech @raserrano @sol25 @successforall @swolesome @tamaralovelace @tattoodjay @tbnfl4sun @theleapingkoala @theversatileguy @w0olf @webresultat @xervantes @moderndayhippie @alphacore @swedishdragon @learnguitar @wandrnrose7 @svashta @galotta @lourdeshd6 @lmir1965 @pawanregmi28 @sawcraz.art @takeru255

The total SBD earned by the post was 10.1 SBD. I transferred a total of 30 Steem to the bot to help with the power up. =) WHOOHOO! Now to get that lease filled!

Currently, the bot has 2 838 Steem Power and is upvoting away at around $0.10 per upvote. Some of the leased SP expired, but the new lease is in the market and should be filled soon, it will be a big one and should pretty much double the upvote value! Each member can only receive one upvote per 24 hour period. Spreading the upvotes out making sure no user abuses the system.


New rules:

I noticed some members taking advantage of feedyourminnows by only upvoting at 1% and then receiving the 1 week of $0.10 upvotes. I understand some users have a lot of SP and do not want to upvote at 100%. I understand that 100%, upvote what you feel you can spare to feed the minnows.

The new rules are:

Upvote must be at least $0.01
If you SP does not allow you to upvote at $0.01 then the upvote should at least be a 100% upvote.

Please and thank you! Help me feed the hungry minnows!

What does he do?

He upvotes all you awesome Minnows of course! Once you register as a Minnow who needs some feeding you will be able to receive upvotes from the BOT. Once registered he will only start upvoting your when this post reaches payout. =)


How do you register to be fed?

1. Comment on this post and include the hashtag #feedme in your comment. This will ensure you are registered and ready to be upvoted!

2. Upvote this post. in order for the bot to lease some SP we need to generate some SBD with this post so we can power up the bot.

It's that simple! When the post reached payout we will take all the registered members who upvoted and registered with the #feedme hashtag in their comment. The bot will then feed them for one whole week! Each week we will have a new Feed Your Minnows Post so if you want to continue being fed make sure to comment and and upvote again to be registered. =)


How the bot operates:

It will upvote each registered Minnow only once every 24 hours, this will keep it fair and make sure some Minnows do now gobble up all the upvotes.

The bot is small for now but all the SBD earned by this post will be used to lease some SP for the bot, that way he will slowly grow and the feed for his Minnows. =)

Donations and lifetime membership


The bot will also accept donations to help power up the bot so if you have some extra Steem or SBD lying around and want to help out then feel free to donate to @feedyourminnows. All the funds will be used to power up the bot and help spread the love . So if you want to donate just leave donation in the memo.

Lifetime Membership

Currently the bot will upvote the members for one week, then a new Feed Your Minnows post will be posted and the same procedure of commenting #feedme and upvoting the post will register you for the upcoming week's feeding frenzy! Not all members want to check in every week for the Feed Your Minnows post so the option is there to buy a lifetime membership by transferring 1 Steem/SBD to @feedyourminnows with feedmeforlife in the memo. This will give you a lifetime membership to @feedyourminnows! Once again all funds will go towards growing the bot so he can upvote all the minnows!

P.S. If you can tell me what movie this is from and comment it in the comment section there is a 2 Steem prize in store! =)

The previous movie was: Snowpiercer. Congratulations to @branlee87 for winning the 2 Steem

Just a recap: UPVOTE(following new rules) - COMMENT with #feedmehashtag

Thanks again to @oleg326756 for coming up with the initial Feed Your Minnows idea! You are awesome mate!

If you like the @feedyourminnows bot then maybe you will like @qurator. Has some similar features but with a much bigger upvote and support system in place! Visit @qurator for more info.


Test 2.png

Thank you for reading! Steem on Steemians!



#feedme please I'm hungry

Thank you so much for the 2 steem!

You're awesome!

Most welcome mate! =)

Looks like Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, is the movie maybe Ace High (1968)?

Perhabs Troublemakers ?

Your Quality Content Curator
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Qurator's exclusive support bot is now live. For more info click HERE or send some SBD and your link to @qustodian to get even more support.

its a pleasure to be fed, thanks for #feedme

#feedme you lovely bot 😇

Great job guys. Keep doing good to the little creatures of the ecosystem


Another great project @scrooger, thanks for supporting the minnows!

Always a pleasure! =)

#feedme please! :) The move is "I'm For The Hippopotamus" with Bud Spencer! Io sto con gli ippopotami in Italian!

He said I should contact you @scrooger for further details cos they refuse to approve me @ qurator .so please what's happening

Hi @syl. We normally have a team of moderators who approve accounts. Your account was not approved because there were no image sourcing. Some very short posts. Posts containing little writing and only video.
We try to give everyone a fair chance but we try and get most original content involved with Qurator.

Hope you understand. Come have a chat with me on Discord then we can give some pointers and advice for a better approval chance. =)


Thanks for supporting.

#feedme Thank you again!

How do people vote with only 1% of upvote power
And how can I donate ? For life time membership

When you have 500+ Steem power you get an upvote slider where you can say how big your upvote must be. The lifetime membership is sending 1 SBD/Steem to @feedyourminnows =)

Is Steem okay ?
I never got a Steem dollar till date.

Steem is just fine. Looked like you got a few Steem Dollars already

I got 3 from November and I reeedemed them
I will power down and send a Steem
I am sorry I down want to sound stingy but i don't have a lot frankly

If that's okay by you then just tell me a yes and I'll send a steem

Ah you don't need to power down. When you make 1 steme again just send to @feedyourminnows for your lifetime membership. =)

Yes I will get back to you once done :)

I followed you. Thank you.

Thank you for helping me to survive so far #feedme

I'm so loving this.. An avenue for us minnows to grow too.. Thank you for this.. #feedme

Hey George. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Can't believe I forgot to click "follow" on your page. Besides wishing you the best I wanted you to know I'm doing a little 750 follower milestone post. I'm expecting it to get seen by lot of people and I got a little write up on you and quarator in there. I'll send you the link when it's up. Should be tomorrow or the day after. I'm at 736 now. I'm going to have @sndbox up-vote it. So it should blow up hopefully to the trending page. Hope you are well my friend. From Guayaquil Ecuador! -Dan

Oh my yes, I am also not following you. I use Qurator for most of my reading and following. Hard to read up on so many posts all the time =P. I do try and check in on everyone whenever I get time. I just followed you now so that's one extra follower! Whoohoo! Looking forward to your post and thank you for mentioning Qurator in it. =) we just hit 500 members yesterday and I am so stoked about it all. Shoot me a link and I will do a resteem for you on my account and on Qurator. Lets blow it up!

Hope you had a great holiday season so far.

Cheers mate, from a chilly South Korea ~ George

Sounds good buddy. I can't believe you're based out of S Korea. I lived there for 4 years in Seoul. Are you in Seoul? Itaewon? Exciting place. I'll be in touch with a link to that once it's posted.

Hahaha, wish it was an exciting place! It's Ulsan, not too far from Busan. Pretty chilled city and not too busy like the Seoul. Seoul is just not my style at all. Feel so cramped and rushed all the time, prefer a quieter life.

Cool, just shoot me a comment and link when your post goes live. =)

Sounds good. I'll cross 750 followers today. So tomorrow morning my time it should be posted.

I know what you mean. Cold snowless winters. I could never live anywhere in Korea again, but would like to visit for a few weeks. Seoul is a total cluster-F like you mention. I was just there in my early twenties for the money. I had my own classroom and a tonne of private lessons. Certainly was business before pleasure. I haven't been to Korea now in over ten years! Was first there when I was 20, saved enough money to live off investments and just travel for the past 11 years! Korea was very good to me. Thailand is my anti-korea. Pleasure before business :). Anyway George, no need to respond I know you're busy. I'll send the link tomorrow. Have a great day! -Dan

Still going to respond. Like our little back an forth.

Wow, traveling for 11 years. Living the dream! Bet steemit is helping with all of that now as well right? I am also looking at going more into steemit, my projects are fun and doing alright but I share most of the profits with my members and to get leases from the market. Slow and steady profits. Need to get more into it, wish I could do it full time but sadly I have to do a normal job as well. Need it for my VISA. =P

Still, Korea is alright, I like the safety and the fast internet. The winter is not exactly my style but I don't mind that much.

Need to check in on your posts again. Will do it real soon! =)

Safe travels!

P.S. Where was one of the cheapest most visa friendly places you ever lived? I am South African so my Passport is pretty weak. Would love to just take a month or 2 off, steem away and travel a bit... Ahhh, the dream.

Cheers ~ George

So I'm assuming you are teaching, likely with a contract. 30-40 hours a week for 2-3 grand a month. What I did to make good money is work on a tourist visa. I loaded up with private lessons and was making 6-8k USD a month at age 20. That's what got me to basically be able to retire at age 24. So I was doing well financially before steemit, but now I'm sitting here drinking fine wine and gourmet cheese as I write this lol! But I'm conservative and frugal by nature. I'll always be a "budget" traveler. It's just how I am.

Anyway, If you load up on private lessons on a tourist visa and do a visa run every three months for a year you can save like 50 grand a year give or take.

As far as hanging in a cheap nearby country, you can go to most countries in the world if it's only for two or three months without a visa or a tourist visa. Seoul to Thialand is a cheap flight. You get 30 days there upon arrival, then you go to immigration and pay 60 dollar or do a quick one day visa run and you get another 30 days. Then go to a neighboring country for another 30 days, then back or what have you. SE Asia is a great part of the world.

You don't have to spend much money while in Thailand as it's so affordable, and the weather is great too. I haven't researched the South African passport, but I think all I said applies. Chiang Mai is super cheap yet offers a very first world standard of living with great weather. You can go to seinukville Cambodia but cambodia in general is very third worldy. I'd go to Thailand my friend, Thailand. Have you ever been there?

As far as your projects on steemit go. I wouldn't worry about income at this stage. Just keep growing quarator how you are. Reach out to some whales to support your efforts too. Seriously, totally forget about profits for the next three months. Build your business, reinvest, and the money will start rolling in 3-6 months from now. If you build it they will come! I think you're really onto something with that project.

Once you get to let's say 100k in steem power that you can lease regularly, start building up steem power of your own, and borrow less. Eventually you'll have 100k of your own steem power debt free. That's when you can leave Korea forever!

Also once you get into the position, I'd start to personally diversify into Cash, Silver, Gold, Bitcoin, and other Cryptos, and live out of a bag like I do! lol Just kidding.

All these things are your decision and I totally respect whatever you do. Hate to come off like any kind of know it all, because I certainly do not know it all. I just have some experience to share that you may find helpful. Anyway George. Thanks again for having my back here on steemit, as I certainly have yours! I'll be in touch. -Dan

Oh my! Apologies for the extremely delayed reply!

Wow, you do not sound like a know-it-all at all. You sound wise and smart! Your experience sounds amazing!

I am currently teaching like you said, have never really considered private tutoring. Some really good food for thought for me. I would like to know more about the tourist visa and the "visa run" how on earth does that work?

I doubt I will travel as much as you do but will like some more free time to focus on other things. Teaching kids are fun but tiring. I do not really want to leave Korea, love this country to bits!

The other countries sound great as well! Sure if I plan it just right I can hop between countries right through the year. =P

I also believe in my projects, they are slowly gaining momentum and I am re-investing everything I make. I am being very patient and know it will pay off in a year or so.

For now, I think I will stick with my normal job for another year and then look at all my options.

Thanks for all the info and I will always have your back on steemit!

Cheers and safe travels!


#feedme please. didn't eat enough at xmas ;-) thank you!

Hola amigo, quisiera saber si ¿puedo unirme a qurator?, saludos!.

Sure, your account is in for review and we will let you know. =)

Gracias, estaré pendiente, saludos.

I am not sure I get it but I'll play. #feedme

Hi friend, I would like to be a member of the group, can you please ?, please and thanks, regards!

Sure, will put your account in for review and let you know.

Ok, I'll be waiting, thanks.

Hola amigo @scrooger ya soy miembro de qurator pero no se donde encontrar el grupo de discord .

Hola! In our latest post, but saved you the trouble. Here you go =)


gracias eres muy amable feliz dia :)

Get in my big fat belly :) hahah #feedme

#feedme if it isn't too late

Does the lifetime membership continue even after one becomes a dolphin? If so, would it be worth considering a rule change so that people with >5K SP don't qualify? #feedme

Is the movie God's must be crazy

#feedme please thank you

New Year's business has seized me %) #Feedme

#feedme, me, feed, me feed, thx! :)

#feedme I Love this Idea

#feedme please I´m hungry.

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