Feed Your Minnows BOT - FREE UPVOTE GIVEAWAY - Season 17 Registration

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Feed Your Minnows is a great project that @oleg326756 came up with where he would feed his Minnows (his awesome followers). He would make a post once a week and all the SBD earned by the post will be paid out to the registered Minnows.

This inspired me to make a Feed Your Minnows of my own, with a little twist of course!


The awesome minnows who joined Season 16 and will be receiving upvotes for the next week

We have 164 members to feed this upcoming week! (72 #feedme members and 96 lifetime members)

Registering for Season 17 will let you allow you to stay in the Voting Pool for another week. If you are already a member you know what to do! Scroll down, upvote and comment with #feedme in your comment.

Here is a list of all the members who followed the steps of upvoting the post and registering with the #feedme comment.

Members who registered for Season 16

@niallon11 @pibyk @superoo7 @criptomaster @sweetcarol @lenapena @phgnomo @a-quarius @tobias-g @dejan.vuckovic @cobmaximus @owenwat @ruth-girl @fushock @saafaari @mohannad @chasmic-cosm @isaganispeaks @kryzsec @alieone @ckurtish @yasu24 @dedicatedguy @anitafigueroa @jskronos @jujupinto85 @macncheese @generausd @crissimoes @kenji77 @marypoppopins @crokkon @tjcdc @amirl @river-island @irastra @meertcevik @mieiro @yushaina @niddumulu @alieone @aansfarhans @daqueend @lolicorn @d-drummer @sabrin514 @yulchata @wisdoncouture @soykatonline @alexey78 @svarozich @samotonakatoshi @feriwahda @geekpowered @dhaneshpk @honeysara @sajidah @vikaskaladharan @crypto.freedom @bangafu @survivalparaguay @anaketejo @karadere @birjudanak @thepaperplane @thepaperplane @naturalguy @cerenselenapa @prudent-rod1 @devilonwheels @imaturdi @rebelstar @tuanis

Users who paid the 1 SBD/STEEM for the lifetime membership:

@ajdohmen @fatkat @ackhoo @albertvhons @anaman @ana-maria @arunava @brisby @brumest @cheeto.blue @costanza @danpaulson @dksart @doctorcrypto @edthecanadian @em3 @erikaflynn @ewkaw @fates @flauwy @gregory-f @honolulu @ironshield @jerrytsuseer @joanstewart @josephsavage @josferod2 @joyandhappiness @jraysteem @kanoe @kona @kubbyelizabeth @ladyrebecca @leyargoz @lindasymonds @lizelle @lizzyb @maarnio @malay11 @mariannewest @marlon82 @maskedblogger @me-do @melinda010100 @mihail.tsvetkov @mooncryption @nelinoeva @nicnicy @ninahaskin @oleg326756 @pearica @pipiczech @raserrano @sol25 @successforall @swolesome @tamaralovelace @tattoodjay @tbnfl4sun @theleapingkoala @theversatileguy @w0olf @webresultat @xervantes @moderndayhippie @alphacore @swedishdragon @learnguitar @wandrnrose7 @svashta @galotta @lourdeshd6 @lmir1965 @pawanregmi28 @sawcraz.art @takeru255 @nicanor-mosquera @canadianrenegade @monita05 @theexplorer @zarfot @gabyrutigliano @sorryjako @maria.isaaccura @fronttowardenemy @jpphotography @krakonos @margaritaradkova @mawit07 @omg-is-biology @r00sj3 @for91days @charlesmackenzie @misssand @laurabarrera @andreistalker @reko

The total SBD earned by the post was 11.437 SBD. I transferred a total of 12 Steem to the bot to help with the power up. Some old leases renewed and a new 1K lease in the market. =)

Currently, the bot has 3761 Steem Power and is upvoting away at around $0.10($0.13 after new lease fills) per upvote. Each member can only receive one upvote per 24 hour period. Spreading the upvotes out making sure no user abuses the system.


New rules:

I noticed some members taking advantage of feedyourminnows by only upvoting at 1% and then receiving the 1 week of $0.10 upvotes. I understand some users have a lot of SP and do not want to upvote at 100%. I understand that 100%, upvote what you feel you can spare to feed the minnows.

The new rules are:

Upvote must be at least $0.01
If you SP does not allow you to upvote at $0.01 then the upvote should at least be a 100% upvote.

Please and thank you! Help me feed the hungry minnows!

What does he do?

He upvotes all you awesome Minnows of course! Once you register as a Minnow who needs some feeding you will be able to receive upvotes from the BOT. Once registered he will only start upvoting your when this post reaches payout. =)


How do you register to be fed?

1. Comment on this post and include the hashtag #feedme in your comment. This will ensure you are registered and ready to be upvoted!

2. Upvote this post. in order for the bot to lease some SP we need to generate some SBD with this post so we can power up the bot.

It's that simple! When the post reached payout we will take all the registered members who upvoted and registered with the #feedme hashtag in their comment. The bot will then feed them for one whole week! Each week we will have a new Feed Your Minnows Post so if you want to continue being fed make sure to comment and and upvote again to be registered. =)


How the bot operates:

It will upvote each registered Minnow only once every 24 hours, this will keep it fair and make sure some Minnows do now gobble up all the upvotes.

The bot is small for now but all the SBD earned by this post will be used to lease some SP for the bot, that way he will slowly grow and the feed for his Minnows. =)

Donations and lifetime membership


The bot will also accept donations to help power up the bot so if you have some extra Steem or SBD lying around and want to help out then feel free to donate to @feedyourminnows. All the funds will be used to power up the bot and help spread the love . So if you want to donate just leave donation in the memo.

Lifetime Membership

Currently the bot will upvote the members for one week, then a new Feed Your Minnows post will be posted and the same procedure of commenting #feedme and upvoting the post will register you for the upcoming week's feeding frenzy! Not all members want to check in every week for the Feed Your Minnows post so the option is there to buy a lifetime membership by transferring 1 Steem/SBD to @feedyourminnows with feedmeforlife in the memo. This will give you a lifetime membership to @feedyourminnows! Once again all funds will go towards growing the bot so he can upvote all the minnows!


P.S. If you can tell me what movie this is from and comment it in the comment section you will be receiving 100% upvotes from @feedyourminnows for a week. =)

The previous movie was: Mary and Max. Congratulations to @naturalguy for winning the %100 upvotes for 1 week from @feedyourminnows

Just a recap: UPVOTE(following new rules) - COMMENT with #feedmehashtag

Thanks again to @oleg326756 for coming up with the initial Feed Your Minnows idea! You are awesome mate!

If you like the @feedyourminnows bot then maybe you will like @qurator. Has some similar features but with a much bigger upvote and support system in place! Visit @qurator for more info.


Test 2.png

Thank you for reading! Steem on Steemians!



Awesome idea! #feedme

Really neat initiative! I passed this on for others to get informed. 😎

@scrooger Awesome, Thank you very much for the reward, for being the selected winner of answering Mary and Max movie. Do I need to have a post ready for each day of the week? I am not sure of the specifics?

P.S. Mary and Max is a neat and quit unique movie, I recommend given the chance to watch that everyone should.

The Wolf of Wall Street is this posts movie. Awesome movie with Leo D playing Jordan Belfort. Based off of his life. Jonah H. is heck of funny too.


Apologies @naturalguy, seems I have missed this comment. The comments here spike up and I do not actually get time to check them all. I see you didn't post that much. I will be sending you 1 Steem instead! =)

Wolf of Wallstreet! I love this movie :D

I agree. The movie is great isn't it. It is one of my top of the list favorites.

once again, please #feedme.
thanks laods!

I totally missed this series! There's so much on steemit to keep up with these days. Thanks for the initiative and of course all your hard work with @qurator - you rock!


#feedme and I will thank you @scrooger ! <3

@scrooger I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and hard work, Always available and helpful all the time, I highly appreciate it.

Thank you very much for the excellent service - always.
Good luck to all of us dear friends

#feedme please! The movie is the wolf of wall street

#feedme please :) thank you

The wolf of wall street. Im a minnow also. Hope it will feed me. #feedme

#feedme is a creative and interesting project.

Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street


please accept my vote for next week. tks

#feedme Thank you to whoever set this up :)

#feedme the movie is wolf of Wall street

The wolf of wall street #feedme

Please, I didnt see the notice for season 16 registration.
Thank you.

The Wolf of Wall Street. #feedme

You have received an upvote from STAX. Thanks for being a member of the #steemsilvergold community and opting in (if you wish to be removed please follow the link). Please continue to support each other in this great community. To learn more about the #steemsilvergold community and STAX, check this out.

I have a question, can I pay for a membership without first being on the program? #feedme

Sure you can. =)

#feedme Wolf of Wall Street

This is an amazing initiative that further fine-tunes the community and promotes a better platform. It already seems like the bot has no flaws and does not have room for exploitation. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for everything.


That looks like The Wolf of Wall Street in the gif.

Thank you @scrooger for this opportunity. #feedme

Hi, I am @sweetjoy and I wanted to apply for the vote bot for sbd. I am new but I love Steemit already. Please consider my request. Thank you Joy

Sure, send the 1 steem/sbd to @feedyourminnows and become a lifetime member! =)

Since I find this project very interesting, I will pay for the membership.
When I can also make a few donations :)

#feedme ...... The Wolf of Wall Street

#feedme Great project that I've just noticed. I will be lifetime member before it gets expensive. Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street

Humbled to be at your side @scrooger #feedme

Great idea helping out new users! #feedme

@scrooger #feedme I am a little red fish :D

Btw, it's the Wolf of Wallstreet

Thanks for this great idea! :) #feedme

Hey! #feedme if you dare!
Joke:) But feed me anyway please:)


Thanks for doing this btw!

#feedme please.

Wolf of Wall Street

Thanks for this!! I do appreciate it!

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