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RE: Introducing: Feed Your Minnows BOT - FREE UPVOTE GIVEAWAY

in #giveaway3 years ago

did I say before that I love you guys both @scrooger and @oleg326756?

This is the type of friendly competition that everyone wins from and no one loses.

Awesome idea, awesome inspiration and awesome duet. Bless you too :D

Please #feedme and many thanks in advance :D


You shall be fed dear minnow!
Thanks for your kind words mate, appreciate it. Yes, we like hosting little things where everyone wins! All fun and games while we make some extra SBD!

Have a great day!

Thanks to you too for your reply and for sharing the fun stuff :D

You are most welcome mate! Oh, and let us know about MAW ;-)

Oh thanks. I am not sure I can make it now.
I am short in STEEM (I need 3 more) to reach 500SP (through delegation) so I can join the MAW
Is there a way to make STEEM other than the market? (so far I made some SBD and SP but never STEEM)
Buying STEEM from the market at this price is a waste of SBD (which I do't have much of)

Sadly not other way to make Steem, only Steem Power.

I would suggest trading in that SBD for STEEM. In the end if you can get that 9 steem gathered to lease you will still get some decent rewards from MAW that will make you pay of that 9 Steem spent on the lease...

Many thanks @scrooger for your reply. I guess it is worth it to try :)

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