Grab Your 650+ 💲Pumpcoins💲 - Giveaway

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Hello my fellow steemers?

How are you doing?

I am doing a my first giveaway of pumpcoins.

What is pumpcoin?


Earn 650+ pumps by completing the following tasks:

  1. Resteem this post - 100 pumps
  2. (a) Retweet & love ❤️ the posh link on my comment section via twitter - 150 pumps
    (b) Following me on twitter plus turning on the notification - 100 pumps
  3. Comment on steemit with a screenshot of retweeting my posh link liking it on twitter - 100 pumps
  4. Mention five friends on my comment section asking them to participate in this giveaway - 100 pumps
  5. Tagging 5 of your friends on my twitter post - 100 pumps
  6. Bonus Tip: upvotes are acceptable, i will giveaway 100-1000 pumps depending on your upvote size (0.005-1stu) to anyone who upvote my comment

The giveaway is done immediately a task is completed

How will i be assured that you will pay me?


I have a balance total of 11M+ pumpcoins and for my generosity am willing to pay anyone who participates in any task. It's not a must for you to complete all the tasks.

P.S: This token is so rare

Giveaway by Trilston 💲 with lots of ❤️


Tipped you with 700 pumps. More giveaways coming up!!

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Thanks! Just followed you to stay informed xD

Your upvote bank
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Awesome man. Good luck. What is the community about???

Pump is a token that rewards its holders with the price surges. It's a rare one and quite cheap at the moment.

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The first winner of the giveaway. Here is a proof of your giveaway. More giveaways coming through. Watch out.

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heh eheh Thank You so much. Can't wait to see where this is going :D

Love it! and you guys should check it too! @myndnow @buttcoins @d00ki3 @afrinsultana @clixmoney

Let's get that 2020 rolling!

Very generous! What is perceived use case?

Thank you for participating as my 2nd participant. Here is a proof of payment to you.
Follow closely to participate in more of my upcoming giveaways.

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In this mention list my jury has decided that I should tip all the steemians who have been tagged along. As a result am giving away some pumps to y'all.

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@clixmoney here is your share of the pie

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@afrinsultana here's your piece of the pie

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Congratulations for dropping by and being my third participant. For that am giving you 750 pumps. Here's a proof of payment to you

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550 Pumpcoins to you plus an extra bonus of 200 for the upvotes. Follow me on steemit too and expect more giveaways from me. On my blog post everyone is a winner.

woooooooootttttttttttttttt! Followed!

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