Book Giveaway!

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I have been on Steemit for about 4 months and I am enjoying it very much! I just got curated by the big fish for the first time last week and in a few hours I expect to have 15 SP or so, none of which I bought. So I am grateful and I want to share from what I have!

I learned to read when I was 4 years old. When I was five, I could read from the King James Bible. Ever since then I have been in love with books. Not only do I consider the printed text the preferred method of building knowledge and expanding the mind, I actually like the book itself. I like the feel and the smells and the sounds of books. I like to look at all the books lined up on the shelf. It makes me smile and my heart glad.


This is the second time I have collected several hundred books in my life. The first time I had 500 books or so I gave them all away or sold them in order to travel to South America with only a backpack and leave nothing behind. I still regret that. As much as I love them however, there comes a time when a man runs out of bookshelf space, and a man's wife starts looking at him nervously when he brings home another bag full of books from the thrift store or orders another pile on Amazon. That's when it occurs to me that the time has come to share the wealth.


If you are looking for a new read and want to participate in my giveaway, please comment with what your interests are and we will see if we have something you would like.

If you want to kick me a bit of SBD to cover shipping costs, I won't complain, but if you don't, the offer still stands! (It is a giveaway).

I hope you find something you enjoy and learn something new!



I love books as well. I come by it naturally as my parents are book hoarders to an extent, and have always been so. I feel you on needing to shuttle some books on to new people since they can get in the way after a while. Accordingly, though I will take you up on your offer.

I 've sent you some Steem for the 2 books:
Seed to Seed
Weed Science

Both look like they would be good reads and applicable to the farm.

I'm flemingfarm[USAF]#7006 on discord

Drat! You beat me to those 2! LOL

I have 2 copies of seed to seed but only one of weed science

Oh! Lovely! May I have it? Have messaged you on Discord.

Awesome Initiative, I love it. I would take you up on it, but I would get the wife stare as well.... I may need to do one of these giveaways soon. I love reading and books of just about all kinds. This is just what she lets me keep in the living room, all the business books are in the office, and then the rest are on two bookcases in the Man-cave/Garage.

Maybe we could just trade so the balance is maintained

Do you have any book written by Howard Phillips Lovecraft ? Or any hard science-fiction genre ?

Thanks for the initiative.

no Lovecraft. I think the extent of my scifi is Orson Scott Card and Madeline L'Engle

I am a fellow bee loving Virginian. Welcome.

Do you have any bee books that you love? Most of the books that I come back to are about how thinks are built or how to do things. I love a good story, but it is better for me if it is a true story. For some reason I prefer my fiction in the form of films.

I have a bunch of old books about how machine shops worked 100 years ago. They are interesting to look at.

I love Ross Conrad the best. I think i have to keep my copy of his book awhile longer. Do you want a book?


have you heard of this guy? this book recaps alot of the basics of beekeeping you already know, but his perspective on human "solutions" is worthwhile.

I would like to read both this an Conrad's book. So far my favorite is Les Crouder's. It is specific to Top Bar Hives, but he also gives you a good idea of what the bees need from the beekeeper regardless of what shape of box you use.

He is the man. Do you have discord?

I am professorbromide#4832 on Discord.

For some reason discord hates me and i can't find you....

I will check on it when I get home. What is your Discord handle?

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I love - fantasy, horror, dystopian, surreal, odd history type fiction. Awesome idea to have a giveaway.

You want a book? I am thinking Garcia-Marquez might be for you...

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You are the best. Bless you

What a great idea! I'm such a fan of classic literature (I honestly loved a lot of the books we read in school). Think Mark Twain, Jane Austen...

I have a old copy of "a tramp abroad". He is awesome

I'm intrigued!

You have discord? Send me your address

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My discord name is wildlocusthoney#6448

Message me your address and i will send you a book

I can't find you on discord.

Maybe discord is not the best way?

what is your handle? maybe I can find you


No wonder i couldn't find you lol