Corning Gorilla Glass 6

in #glass3 years ago

Staying connected with our lives runs right through our smartphones. We all Buy Expensive phones like Apple iphone X and samsung Galaxy S8/S9, But always at risk for damaging drops. Corning Gorilla glass Six are protect more then gorilla Glass Five. Gorilla Glass six are strong and durable for Gorilla Glass 5.

Now All smartphones company like apple, samsung, LG, and oppo they are Using Corning Gorilla glass six, Gorilla Glass 6 also survives at higher heights and more durable time for the Glass 5 as expected. If Glass has drop they can't break as first time but its durable at 15 time resistance, if you drop this glass from 1 meter they can't be break this glass can survive 15 time drops. gorilla-glass.jpg


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