Crystal Minotaur Exhibition 1 - January 7, 2018

in #glitchart4 years ago (edited)

My name is Minotaur, or formally Jacob. I have been creating digital media since 2014 and have done 3d modeling, programming, traditional art, music, and digital art over these years. Before I get busy again, I would like to post a exhibition of my digital work. These works are from September 2017 to January 2018.

Gallery 1
Edited, pixel sorted, and databent images. Most recent work.

Gallery 2
Earlier works with photos taken by me, except for the two with the woman in the mirror. Databending was the main method used, althought the mirror woman pictures used pixel sorting.

Edited and pixelsorted image using a photograph taken of the David sculpture.

Bill $aber Album Concepts
Album cover concepts created for the trapmetal artist Bill $aber. Final design is on my instagram (located below).

Please enjoy! I'm always willing to answer questions about my work and you can reach me for business/art-related inquiries at my email!


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