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the elite use weather modification technologies to
corrupt the natural order of things
and as it destroys the earth they blame it on you as always you are the problem
you are killing the world and their
reason is even more ludicrous it is
because you breathe they call it climate
change and overpopulation they
manipulate and alter the weather
themselves creating instability in and
on the earth and naturally when you
break something it will remain broken
until corrected humanity right now is
not standing up to the elite we need to
force them to stop their poisonings so
the earth can heal the technology that
the elite use has been increasing over
the last few years they control and
create so-called natural disasters as
they have done before but the earth
cannot handle it we also see a rise in
truly natural earthquakes tsunamis
wildfires tornadoes mass animal die-offs
these things are just a fraction of the
destroying forces raging throughout our
world nature isn't the only thing going
wrong in our world today everything else
seems to be going horribly wrong to war
terrorism and economic trouble confusion
and strife rains everywhere in this
world today those with eyes to see and
ears to hear know what time it is are
you ready
this is only the beginning NASA Nicholas
Taleb of Black Swan and anti fragile has
made the case for applying the
precautionary principle when it comes to
GMOs his argument is that allowing
genetically modified organisms in our
eco and food systems carries unknown
risks that we have no way of overseeing
he also says that these risks may cause

irreversible damage to the very system
mankind relies on for survival no big
secret there since the fall of the
Berlin Wall in 1989 the number of flying
insects on nature reserves in Germany
had dropped by at least 76 percent the
fact that the number of flying insects
is decreasing at such a high rate in
such a large area is an alarming
said hamster croon who led the research

insects make up about two-thirds of all
life on Earth but there has been some
kind of horrific decline said professor
Dave Godson also involved with the
research they state but we appearer
making vast tracts of land inhospitable
to most forms of life and are currently
on course for ecological Armageddon if
we lose
going to collapse bird populations
across the French countryside have
fallen by 1/3 over the last decade and a

half the primary culprit researchers
state is the intensive use of pesticides
on vast tracts of mono culture crop
especially wheat and corn w
not care about their lives or the lives
of anything around them not because
there are too many of us but because we
are so corrupted in our living and
thinking instead of caring responsibly
for the choices we make and the things
we pursue allowing the corrupt to
control and rule over all Fanning the
flames of the entire cycle of
destruction allowing the elite to get
away with murder we are all dying
because of everyone's selfishness and
laziness which is actually now called
convenience a 7.2 magnitude earthquake
hit Mexico causing heavy damages to a
hospital in jam milt epic where over
thirty patients including newborns have
been evacuated and are now being treated
outside Taiwan was hit by a 6.1
earthquake followed by a 5.5 aftershock
in iran a 7.3 magnitude quake hit a few
months ago Cape Town is on alert as a
three year long drought has left
millions in desperate need of water 8.4
million people are on the verge of
starvation in Yemen and more in other
war centered areas the point is to keep
them destabilized and dying weather
modification and chem trails are conveyed
to the public as seeding clouds for rain
on creating storms to help develop areas
though scientists have debunked this
meanwhile the reality is the chem trails
helped kill everything under them and
the storms they manufacture are made to
devastate the already devastated if you
wish to use the correct terminology you
can refer to chem trails as say I or
stratospheric aerosol injection the
spraying process is often also referred
to as solar radiation management in
January 2018 Paris flooded severely a
drought breaking downfall caused massive
flooding in North Queensland Australia
more than 40 people have been rescued
from floodwaters from ex cyclone Nora
water levels were peaking at fourteen
point seven liters more than 800 people
have been killed and 24 million affected
following widespread floods across South
Asia severe flooding has devastate
communities and destroyed crops in India
Nepal and Bangladesh disease an
starvation always follow at least 115
people have died and more than 5.1
million are affected keep in mind this
has all happened this year 2018 are
these people just numbers to you do you
think their pain and agony does not
affect everything around them the ripple
effect will inevitably head straight
towards you one day sooner th you
expect you will be included in these
numbers it will be you who will be
that'll help you when you need it since
you don't stand for others now you had
better pray someone stands for you
because of economic and social collapse
food scarcity and more devastation
children and countries like Venezuela
have formed gangs using machetes to
fight each other for quality garbage so
they have something to eat please just
think about that for a moment that is
the future the elite want for you..