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My War Deck

I have recently started playing the new Gods Unchained, and finding it funnier for each day that passes, but I still suck at the game compared to many other. I therefore thought it could be great if you guys could rate my deck and give me some tips. This is my war deck, and I usually choose the "blitz" god power which costs 1 mana. My plan is always to play pretty agressive, and end the game quickly, as the vikings can get really strong quickly! I know it can be quite hard to see which card I have at the costs of two mana, so might have to zoom, if that even helps.

mana 1.PNG

mana 2.PNG


mana 4.PNG

mana 5.PNG

mana 6.PNG

mana 7.PNG

If you are new to the game, you are welcome to use my referral code: https://godsunchained.com/?refcode=0xb765b07aa73c4a59db816bc1a821411077052b29


Nice blitz Vikings deck (with a nice touch of flank)! My suggestion (if I may) would be that, maybe adding cards that allow you to draw more could make the deck even faster but I haven't seen game changers in that department yet, although I'm far from having seen all the cards. Combined with any other thing like that which adds to the speed of the deck (if it's possible) such as low cost cards. Just a thought, maybe I have it all wrong, you are the one who has experienced the mechanic of this specific deck...

I play a frontline Atlanteans deck, I too usually use a 1 mana god power where I reduce one of my adversary's creatures by -2 strenght.

That's for the feedback. I will try to improve my deck. The more I play the better I get to find the weaknesses in my deck, so I guess I just have to keep playing :) Have you bought some more packs? You can message med on discord: Arsenal49. It's easier to help each other there.

Yes, I bought 25 of the cheapest packs so far and I intend to buy much more. Ok, I'll hit you up on Discord and show you a Rare Viking card I got which I think could make a nice addition to your deck.

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