Unpacking Packs In Gods Unchained Is Probably Like Doing Heroin

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Even though I have never played Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering that much, I felt something special about Gods Unchained. I think I have been searching for something within the crypto universe that really had the potential to go mainstream, and I believe I found it in Gods Unchained. In the beginning I was very sceptic, but I then went on and tried the game. I was amazed. I was amazed of how well it worked, how simple it was to get started, and how crazy addictive it is to open those damn packs. I really do believe this will attract so many new users to crypto. It's entertainment, it's free to play, it's easy to sign up, and it's addictive.

In this post I will talk a little about those packs that is so damn addictive to open.

They come in four different packs:


So after you have convinced yourself that buying virtual cards on the internet is a way better thing to spend your money on than food or rent, you simply choose between rare, epic, legendary or the almighty shiny. It doesn't matter how many packs you start of by buying, because you will buy more until you're ruined. You might be living on the streets, but damn your war deck is unbeatable. Then, let's say you start of by buying 1 rare pack at the cost of about 2 dollars, then it's like the first time a heartbroken man tries heroin. First time almost free, but you want more. Then you can't really sleep without thinking that you got a card that only exist 1994 of, like this one:


Then you start thinking: "Maybe, I can get an even rare card", and now shit hits the fan. You start selling all your crypto shitcoins at low price just to get your ETH, so you can get more dope. An ETH transaction has never felt slower. Then you're like "Fuck it, might aswell buy 300 rare packs". And so you do. Now you're an addict, but you don't know it. You will only really realise that you're an addict when you realise that you are out of crypto, and you are freaking annoyed that you have all your STEEM in STEEM POWER.

But I can tell you this, it feels super awesome to unpack cards like this, that you know will never be created again, and only exist a few of:




So, if you also want to become an addict and buy some rare cards, that hopefully will increase in value, I would love you if you used my referral link: