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Update: Here is my current's deck value, according to the valuation of
It only displays the cards value of the cards you PURCHASED from booster packs.
It does not take into account the over 500+ Cards that will become ETH tokens in October, which I obtained from Core boosters.

Core boosters are boosters awarded in-game, containing cards only becoming ETH tokens in October.
Genesis boosters are boosters which are purchased, containing cards only available before October, they are already ETH tokens.

The picture below hence only shows my Genesis cards, my whole deck would be a plenty fold of that Value.
I've sold raffle tickets wort 0.15 ETH to buy more boosters :)

To join the Beta you need a Key, feel free to use mine;


Haha,, always make me laugh..., the mournful elephant..

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Have you made much via your referral link yet? I imagine that’s the only reason why you’re promoting this post to trending.

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I'm using the tools available to me.

Well I hope the numerous flags removed any profit that you hoped to receive.

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I'm planning on just keeping my tickets for the trinket and a very low chance at the Mythic. Maybe a Steemian wins it if I manage to invite enough and get them to play it, especially now that they optimized the game a bit more!

I'm enjoying it!
Currently have some dilema should I buy more or not :)

Awesome! What interface displays it like that for you?

witha added eth address at the end or you can just search through it :)

Is it a better alternative to the SteemMonsters Card game?

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It's a whole different level. Actually played and with items that will hold real value

I have been playing this game too, but my understanding is the Core Cards you win by playing will vanish when the game goes live and you will have to earn them again after the beta is over.

Nooooooo i didnt know that. how sad

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