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RE: Are YOU the Only Jesus They Ever See?

in #godwaves4 years ago

This sure helps. Sometimes we are quick to judge and keep away simply because we misunderstand scriptures. Love penetrates the stony heart. Being friends allows trust to flourish and God to do His will. Thanks


Amen. Andreyyte unit!

Amen. I have just had my share of lesson. Just had a lady walk up to me requesting I prayed with her. And the first thing that comes to mind is who am I that one would see me as able to intercede for them. It was a humbling experience. Thanks for sharing these contents for us. Deeply appreciated. We must put more effort as Christians into cultivating meaning relationship with others so that we can become the aroma of heaven to them.

Thank you for the well thought out response. Amen

Thanks always. I am gladdened that the gospel is everywhere

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