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RE: World's first Decentralised Social Media platform on Extended Reality powered by XR and Steem

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What are the rates of delegation, say I delegate 100sp, what do I get and to whom am I delegating?


Hi We have sent you XR for the Swaps. Thanks for yorr support. Swap is 10 XR for 1 STEEM. And for delegation, it's 10 Free XR for every 100 STEEM delegated for 6 months (no prorate if delegation is withdrawn before 6 months). The delegation steems will be used for curating AR/VR content on our platform as we launch our app. 70% of curation steem rewards are given back to the delegator. .Our next blog post will have more info on delegation steems

Awesome. I aim to buy more xr and stake it up.

Hi, i made more swaps of 23 steems about 3 days ago, im yet to be credited with the xr token, nor have i recieved a notification that its been processed, kindly look into this

Hope all is good for you now. Otherwise email at [email protected] . Hope you get more XRs

All is good, we are looking forward to your updates..

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