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Hello everyone. I am posting on my cellular data right now. We are without wifi at the moment.


I have been working very hard sharing this gofundme link everywhere for a matter of months. Things are getting bad and we need to break free.

Our landlord is attempting to evict us because I turned his feelings for me down and he is embarrassed by it.. He started texting me threatening text messages and writing up evictions with false claims all over them to get us to move, when we have nowhere to move to...


We own a pitbull so living in an apartment is not going to be a thing. We have a cat, who most people can't stand even though she just wants attention and an open window. My daughter will be turning 2 on June 30th, and we have another baby on the way..


My landlord filed a legal eviction paper with the county, in retaliation to the order for protection, stating that we didn't pay rent, and that there is a noise complaint.. The only noise complaint he has ever made was that my daughter was crying at her normal scheduled naps and bed time... Most toddlers and babies cry when they just wake up or don't want to sleep.. It's just how they are especially when the roommate upstairs stomps all over the floor above their room with shoes on..
He has attacked my dog with a wooden dowel.. He said he was just playing, but I watched him do it.. He threw the dowel aimed at my dog and he let out a whelp. He has also done the same thing to a dog I used to pupsit for a friend. Oh.. Did I mention we paid rent and he has yet to give us receipts for the months from december to current?

This man is dangerous and the only animal here who doesn't watch him like a hawk is his own cat, but that is because he feeds her..

We have our eviction hearing on the 7th and the order for protection hearing on the 9th. I am hoping, praying and relying on the court ruling in our favor, because we have absolutely NOWHERE to go, and I am too far along in the pregnancy to move. I need permanent living space now, and our family needs to stop being stressed out.


My husband was laid off from work and has started an new job that is night shifts 10pm/7am. I have been filing legal papers, writing blogs and taking care of my family's daily at home needs while stressing my body out due to having to bike all over town with a poorly maintained bike since my funding has made bike maintenance nearly impossible.


Please help us by sharing our gofundme link, donating, or however you possibly can..

We need a break so we can all heal from all that we have been through.


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this sucks man
I hope an upvote and resteem will work :)

Thank you. Everything helps. Even if it is just sharing this further. I appreciate the help.
I will follow and return the favor with one of tour posts as well.
Have a wonderful day!

not sure how i feel about you throwing your babies on my conscience?
gave you an up vote.
hope your situation improves for the sake of your kids.
good luck!

Thank you, trust me. Posting this here is usually the last place I want to post seeing as I normally get a bunch of angry people who just want to cause negative thoughts and kick me while I am down essentially. Normally I stick to my daily Tarot readings and spiritual posts every day. I decided to only post here if I need to for this. Its why I have a banner with my link.

Very sad it is... Upvoted

did you not post this same pile of crap awhile ago? You should have seen this coming in the tarot cards, shouldn't have you? another scam and sham...

you can downvote it as much as you want, but it doesn't change the facts, GET A REAL JOB if you need money, and stop trying to scam people.