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It's finally time for the Bull Run in silver to Commence. Loaded up and ready for the Rocket to Blast off. Why you might ask? Any Government that purposefully give free money to it's people can mean only one thing. The Economic Crash of our lifetime is approaching fast here in the United States and the rest of the World. Everyone of us here sees the writing on the table. We are all watching prices go up on every thing from food, lumber, copper, rubber, etc. Yet Silver, gold, and Platinum seem to be at an almost stand still. We have known for decades that the prices of precious metals have been strategically deflated. Now that JPM and the like are loaded with Silver Bullion in hidden vaults, yet sell paper derivatives out like there is no tomorrow, we are truly in for the pm ride of our lifetime.

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Once the people of the World realize that throwing money into digital currency, stocks, and the like won't cement their wealth it will be too late. Sure digital currency has its place and you can profit. However metals are hand held insurance policies. Silver, gold, platinum, copper, and other metals are basically disappearing at an incredible rate. Hence the premiums of the metals. Why are there over $5 premiums for basic silver bullion, and $10 over spot for Silver Eagles? Supply and demand falls into this category, but also fear of the inevitable. The demise of the U.S. Dollar.

The true value of Silver will be seen very soon. There will be such a rush to precious metals that many of the Bullion Dealers will simply have to close their doors due to not being able to find any more product to sell to its consumers. The average Joes of the world will simply not sell.

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Word on the streets is that the U.S. Government will soon announce the beginning of its "digital coin". People will be reluctant using digital funds. Think about the 90% of seniors that simply love cash. The transition will be hard, but it won't be complicated. Once the digital dollar is introduced cash will basically be "dead". My thought is that the U.S. Government will try and keep its citizens burdened with the same debt we have now. The system is simply "BROKE". The currency, power, and influence will be so diminished that the U.S. will basically become a third world nation unfortunately. Most of what Americans (including myself) consume are made in other Countries of the World. China still holds TRILLIONS in U.S. Debt. What happens when the U.S. Defaults? War? There won't be money to raise war in any Country.


Prepare for the inevitable people. Buy silver, gold, and the like while you can get your hands on it. Seriously. Don't fool around. I'm even buying at these high premiums and I've been a trader, and stacker for the last 18 years. Recently there have been estimations that silver bullion should be worth approximately around $400 per ounce currently.
That will change as prices continue to inflate. When the banks (comex, jpm, and the like) begin to let the price in silver ride you will know the end is upon us for the U.S. Dollar.
Don't think about it. Buy Now, or regret it later.

My 2 Cents.


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I'm on your side... There's still a lot more Profit to be made with the Precious Metals...

The Dollars we're currently using in the United States actually belong to the Central Bank Owners, and are on Loan to "We the People"...

That's all about to come to an end, along with the Central Banks plan to Switch us over, to their "Digital Slave Units"...

That's not going to happen, and they know it...

March 23, 2021... 5.6 Hollywood Time...