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Cost $156 U.S. for this one.

5gr Bar

This is the one and only Swiss bar I have. If you hammered a dime into a rectangle you would have a piece of metal this size (roughly).

These look really nice with that border and the polished finish and raised lettering. People pay extra for the word "Swiss" and those shiny borders along with the certification number.

We also pay a lot more for that last 0.09% purity because of the added refining costs to get those last contaminants out of it.

Duckduck or yandex "tungsten gold bars"

The reason I that have only one bar like this is because I do not want two bars like this.

Nobody counterfeits Venezuela Bolivars

Some counterfeit the dollar though they are only worth 1/20 of a silver dollar.

Many will counterfeit one ounce Swiss gold bars. The motivation is high.

If I buy $1000 worth of .999 gold now and sell it later for $1500, the profit margin would be the same for .9999 gold if bought and sold at the same times. This is investing. I am looking to collect a quantity of real gold, not something that opens like a Reese's peanut butter cup.

Tried and tested

I usually buy bars that look like they have been poured into a 100 gr. mold. It looks like gold. I have done specific gravity tests on them, done acid tests on them, bent them and even cut them in half. I have a local dealer who uses one local refinery.

Everything that I have bought from that refinery has been tested from time to time - always Aces and I have been buying from the same place for over a decade.

An example and also a preview of next the next post.


Stay with anything metal- better than just plain paper.