Metals spike as people seek a safe haven.

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I am seriously regretting not having purchased palladium and rhodium a couple months back.


I had stopped in to trade out green paper for orange paper. My metals representative on the black market had shown me thin sheets of those two metals. At the time, I had not wanted to buy them because I had not researched home authentication.

Rhodium is up $2000 today

They have now popped back up near the previous highs, similar to crypto-like moves I am used to.

Still, gold is good

Gold is also on the move. Wild swings of $50-100 all day.

I sold many ounces of gold before when it was near $1700 missing drop in price (to the mid $1400's), but today we are back in the green in a big way. It seems that the chatter of printing a few trillion to gift to people doesn't sit well with people holding paper dollars.

Time to get into a safe haven. Real money.

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