Which of these is money? Which would you take if you had to choose?

in #gold2 years ago

Which one is worth more U.S Bux? (I mean paper debt notes)

Is the stack of paper debt notes worth more?

Or is the shiny brick of metal worth more?

I was just curious which one is real money and it is easier to think of the paper and metal values than it is to think of Steem values right now.

Let's hope all that changes soon. Crypto bounce please!

So below is a guessing game.


I will give away 10 SBD's to the one who guesses what the shiny rectangle with my name on it is worth in dollars.

closest one wins - the value is that of the time of this post.

Votes and comments! I will give it a couple days so you can think about your answer. Maybe till Monday?



There surely there are $ 37,800. There are some tickets that I can not count.

Hehe. Tickets. I suppose those paper things could be tickets.

This could be wildly wrong but in the spirit of the game I'm gonna guess $36,500

in both there is a lot of money jejej, I will try to guess, there must be an approximate to $ 45,000