Gold and Copper Costs Keep going Up!

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As in 1971, the value of gold and copper might jump. Assuming this is the case, perhaps you'd like to figure out how much higher gold and copper are. To help you better comprehend, here's a correlation:

Even in times of uncertainty, gold and copper might have been precious. Averaging 10 percent every year since 1971, when gold became government-guaranteed as a result of the Bretton Woods agreement's breakdown, gold's price The long-term returns on gold and copper have been equivalent to those of the stock market, while out

It is possible that as a result of this, people have changed their focus away from traditional assets like as Since 2007, the proportion of non-traditional funds owned by global pension funds has increased steadily, from 15% in 2007 to 25% in 2017. There is a close to 30 percent percentage in the United States of America. Check disclaimer on profile & landing page.


The purity of #Gold might be measured in karatage, with 24 karats signalling 100% pure gold.

Pretty soon, you could probably be needing the hubble space telescope to see the price of copper and gold.

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