Rich Palette of Colors Decorates Horizon … Chiang Mai, Thailand – GoldenHour Photography

At the end of the day, the last rays of sunlight presented this colorful view. 

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Colorful palette

Just before the sunlight disappeared under the horizon, we were left with this rich palette of colors stretching across the horizon. 

Fiery, brilliant, glowing

Against a background of lingering blue, there was some fiery red, some glowing orange, some brilliant gold, and some soft yellow, interspersed with a few patches of black silhouette 
Location – Chiang Mai, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s GoldenHour Photography contest.

The best color you can get is the color of nature

Very pretty

an amazing view!

Nature is the best artist, because she has all sorts of colors. Delightful view.

True. Nature can't be beat. All our art is only a mediocre copy of nature.

Are you sure this pic is real?
Lol. Very nice colors.

It's very real. But ephemeral...

You just wanted me to look up a word lol
Is there a simpler description? Haaha
I will look it up... later
Great pic. Nice job.

Hi @majes.tyty

This red at the bottom looks so ... Can't find the word (frenchie inside). It reminds me the Mordor ! I'm travelling into the Middle Land.

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Glad you like it. Hope you have great goldenhour views on your travels, too!

Never experienced this 🙁🙁🙁

I experience many grand sunsets here in SE Asia.

I was just back in Canada for 2 weeks, and I saw some interesting sunsets, but they were much less brilliant than here in Thailand.

Great, just upload whenever u get an amazing like this.. 😊

By seeing this picture people should feel it which makes you calm cool. Love it, Great picture!!

I agree with you! Natures are like to give our devotion towards nature. Some people do career with nature that means it's being quiet moment for a peaceful life and to reminisce for a quit sometime.

Lovely photo.

went there

Amazing very lovely photo from your account.

very nice picture, the many colours of nature are pretty as nature always could be

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That photo is very beautiful. I love it.

The colors reminds me so much of the flag of my country Venezuela. Yellow, blue and red, the only thing left is the stars. Amazing pictures, I love sunsets.

I really have a thing for sunsets! Stunning view!

It's a very nice season and this time is very beautiful

ماشاء الله
the best God created everything perfectly

Very nice...

nature is a real beauty

Truly a golden hour

this is soo beautiful picc and natuarlly beauty real pic .thanks for sharing

I'm going to die for this pic. stunning!

I love how vibrant colors are in the picture.

This is fantastic,,,,

I must go there some day

Lovely! Nice contrast you got there :)

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