When Darkness Is All Around, Look to the Light ... Chiang Mai, Thailand – GoldenHour Photography

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Just moments before, the sun had slipped below the horizon. 

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Civilized activity

Darkness had descended and covered the city.  Lights had been switched on, so that civilization could continue its activity for a few more hours.

I was sitting at the rooftop bar, reading my magazine by the soft electric light and sipping my beer, while the quiet jazz band performed on the small stage in the corner.

Natural splendor

I strolled over to the western edge of the rooftop. While we civilized people were doing what we normally do, the universe continued doing what it naturally does. Creating an awesome environment of light and beauty, far beyond what mankind can even conceive.
Location – Chiang Mai, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s GoldenHour Photography contest.


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This is a really fine moment. I envy people like you who have seen and witnessed these kind of moments, when the sky weaves mat of many colours. We don't see this kind of sky in Nigeria.

When I'm in Canada, we don't often see this type of sunset either. But here in SE Asia, there are many evenings when the sunsets are very beautiful.

This one is over the mountains, so I'd say it's "average." Sunsets over the sea are my favorite, as the reflection on the water makes them twice as beautiful.

Thanks for these additional clarifications. Good to learn them.

I feel like the dark is all around steemit. People start powering down. 😔😔😔

You sound quite pessimistic. Do you really think it's going to turn down? I'm still very optimistic about Steemit, particularly when compared to FecesBook, or even compared to the general economy.

unreal sky

Majestic and mysterious.

3 words, in a short and concise phrase that says much more than some of the long-winded responses I sometimes see under my posts. Thanks!

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Wonderful piece of photography. No one can match nature's beauty. This scene was occured naturally but the way this scene was captured it was really amazing. Humans can move forward in many ways but they cant compare their made things with nature . We humans can't even make an ant and we believe that we are super powers??? We are just nothing. There is something who is running this universe and giving food to every animal and that is God .

nice photography this pic is beautiful light is osm

Awesome photography

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wonderful color!
Very beautiful, its almost like a painting.

Cloudy sky is always beautiful and also refreshment of mind.

You have clicked an amazing photo. You literally nailed it and I am sure there is a lot to learn from you. Hope to see many more in coming day. Good work @majes.tytyty

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The cloud and night never seizes to amaze me :)

Wow! what a time frame. This light will go down very quickly. You made accurate shot. Thanks for sharing with us. Loved it. Thanks @minnowhale

Beautifull photography seems like a poem

Very beautiful photos. I like to look at such beautiful clouds. Good luck to you and Love.

Очень красивые фото. Люблю смотреть на такие красивые облака. Удачи Вам и Любви.

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