Golden Hour Photography - Sunset on Hollywood Blvd

This is one of my favorite photos I've taken living in my Hollywood neighborhood. I was walking to meet friends for dinner and this view just struck me and I had to stop for a photo. Some days I take where I live for granted, but many days I'll find something that fascinates or surprises me. I take plenty of photos that never make it here or other platforms, but I'm always trying to find something new in my neighborhood!

Thanks to @juliank and @photocontests for creating and curating #goldenhourphotography!


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Looks amazing! Great photography!

Thank you so much Tomas! I hope you're having a very Merry Christmas!

never realized you get to enjoy the golden warmth of the sun every evening in the hollywood

wow. unbelievable photography!
I want to travel to hollywood

Hi Matt,this is absolutely amazing photo! Love the combo of sunshines, palms and the city :)

absolutely successful !!! WoW!

Follow that yellowbrick road😊. Right place, right time and the right mind make one sweet looking photo!