Buying 600 more Golos, staking 100 into Golos Power, and earning a few hundred GBG since Golos Classic Fork. When golos is on steem-engine so many russians will be trading.

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So I have been buying up thousands more golos to get ready for when fyrstikken pumps it up to over $1 when it comes to steem-engine which will be the first of many successful new projects that will Pump and PUMP, NO DUMP, JUST PUMP. HOW? because these people we bring are HODLERS!


This Golos power will be added to my collection as I now have over 5000 and hey, one time golos was only 15 cents and steem was well over $2 and we felt so superior, now look where we are and golos is under 1 penny so imagine how much you could get for this price... imagien when we bring investors to golos to power it up now that we are getting it added to steem-engine.


Also notice how my rewards on Golos Classic the new fork of golos are all making a lot more GBG than before (GBG being the SBD of golos )


I only hope we get more people on steem to realize that the Russian people are nationalistic and as soon as the STATE learns of golos and its ability to do everything the government might need it to do, with a special fork to onboard every citizen of Russian Federation, well then we could end up with well over $1.60 Golos again, we could end up with $10 Golos BUT IN TIME and with A LOT of building. i will need to continue my work with my fork of @yabapmatt 's STEEM KEYCHAIN which i forked to GOLOS KEYCHAIN so we can have an ecosystem of golos dapps from a Golos @dclick for ads to golos version of @steembottracker to games like @steemmonsters but @golosmonsters hehe


SO just know Russia invests money into its future, if not private industry the state will, and golos will eventually find its way now that it has forked out the incompetent cyberfund and has a network of elite Russian intelligentsia ruling with healthy consensus to keep the chain in a state of development, dynamic changes, hopefully new onboarding but the new focus will be on TRADING on STEEM ENGINE. We will now have people doing arbitrage between Golos and Steem Engine and it could be epic!


@fredrikaa really man? you flagged my post? Why man? Why you being a dick? My Post is more important than probably anything on your whole blog im dealing with serious development and a new token were bringing to steem engine. do you hate golos or something? is it because @fyrstikken or @booster is involved?

Just expressing my opinion of what I want to see more of and less of with upvotes and downvotes. Nothing personal. And one such opinion is that I don't like seeing bidbots used on posts just for the sake of rewards with no clear intention of adding something meaningful to content discovery, aka actual promotion.

If your new steem engine token can add value to Steem, then I'll be happy to curate its contributions many times over the value of this downvote.

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