The story of one Mom ...

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Chapter 2. November 30, 2016

     It's hard to write. Truly hard.

The history of Bead was at once difficult, but we did not expect such a turn. The bead with the puppies was taken from Cherepanovo, the children were dismantled. But the state of Businka did not get better. Snot, constant sneezing, little to eat. We had a suspicion of a tumor, so it was decided to go to the Best clinic, to the oncologist. Taking all the necessary tests, we exhaled, there is no oncology.

But, upon examination, opening a mouth revealed a hole. THE HOLE IN THE SKY! And the BULLET !!!!!! SHOOT IN THE OPEN PASTY !!!! Apart from that, we found another bullet in the chest area! Now it became clear to us why Businka ate so little, it is unbearably painful for her to eat.

Now it became clear why she was whining and bursting out when we gave her pills to her mouth. Now it became clear to us what happened. Why can not they speak? Look how much pain in her eyes and how much she could tell. Although about such PUBLICATIONS, there is no sooner such TORTURE probably should be just silent. After all, she was really tortured, trying to kill !!! Suffering it behind, now you need to correct the rigidity of the one who did it.

Now Bezinke needs an operation. First, we must exclude the foreign body (bullet) from rhinoscopy, then sew it.

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