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The history of the Red has flown all over Russia without any small. Wrote all kinds of newspapers, public records, groups, communities.

The redhead was hit by a car, so hard that the driver knocked down the dog, was very upset at the broken bumper. And the dog, yes that the dog, left to die there. In general, after prolonged THREE operations, after 3 months in the clinic, after six months of recovery at the Base, he found his family. Tatiana and her husband just wanted him, seeing him in the photo, they realized that this is their dog.

And now Red lives with them, he has a huge territory on which he likes to play and sports, he has a small cunning friend, with whom they often arrange their little tricks and pranks.

Friends, once again I want to say to all THANK YOU !!!! To each of you! The girl who called when she found the Red, all the young people who stopped to help me, the doctors, the nurse, the sanitarist who nursed him, thank the girls Animal Rights, thanks to everyone for the repost, for the money that they collected and of course Tatiana for what she gave Not only the house, but also sincere love to the Red Sun.

Now only scars remind of the past, but eyes shine with happiness, and this is the main thing !!!

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