The story of one Mom ...

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Chapter 1. 7 November 2016

    An alarm bell. In Cherepanovo a small dog with 4 puppies, they want to kill her, and she also has terrible snot, nothing to eat, sneezes. Help! Without thinking for a long time, we went. On the street -14, two furry, tiny muzzles are hanging in the snow under the garage. But where's Mom?

All that we managed to find out from residents is that the dog and her kids are chasing every day. And they do not just drive, but try to get rid of everything. They dug one alive, and choked and shot tried. But MAMA carefully guarded her children and every day she got food for them. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we tried on this day, we took only two puppies. It's hard to imagine what my mother felt when she came to her lair and did not find the kids. The next day it was decided, at whatever cost, to save Mom. Thank you very much Victoria girls and Aksenia for help in capturing mom.

The dog, and now her name is BUSINKA arrived in Novosibirsk (for the help of a car to the young man Vlad, we hope he reads us).

They arrived in Vetlekar, they made a test for plague, negative. Sigh quietly. They left him at the hospital under supervision. They diagnosed RINIT, in consequence of falling into the nose of foreign objects. The dog was beaten, with a raised arm in the clinic, it fell to the floor and began to tremble.

Another day had to be held by Businka without her children. The next day they took it away.