You don't know...

in #golos4 years ago

You don't know that a woman picked up for more than 30 dogs, attach them, taking care to sterilize them, saved you from the attack of swarms on the edge of town

You don't know grandma, to the last penny paying for the treatment and castration of homeless cats, save your nose from the stench of the basement and the baby from leaving.

You don't know the law of conservation of populations, and the survivors of the decimated pack dog gave litter three times more.

But you continue to write in the comments the animal rights activists that animals should be killed, as if a century of evolution and humanism you have not touched.

But know that humanity defines human culture.

Until you know, pregnant women, wizened grandmother, wiping the tears after your comments, again going to save this city from filling out on the street animals. Once you like the man thrown from his life, sincerely thinking that the animal is like a toy.

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