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Hi. I've been a bit busy with other projects lately, and should have posted the video above earlier, there we discuss the economic changes that are going to happen to Golos in the upcoming hardfork. Since then witnesses discussed things and decided to accept the proposed economic changes, they are 15% yearly inflation, that would decrease by 0.01% every 250k blocks, which amounts to approximately 0.5% yearly reduction of the inflation. That would solve the extremely sharp decline of the payouts to the authors in term of tokens on the short term, which a lot of people feel might reduce the number of new signups.

In two hours (20:00 UTC+3, or 5 PM UTC) we're going to have another scheduled biweekly English hangout, and I'd like to invite more people to come and join us. I'll be sharing the hangout link soon, and if you'd like to participate, please leave a comment.
I'd especially like to see people who are running Golos witness nodes, since the hardfork is in testing right now.

I will update the post with todays video, and then post the link in various post promotion places.

Here is the link to watch it:

We are starting in 5 minutes, click and go to youtube, not sure where to toggle to allow embedding for live streams.

Update: the broadcast is finished. News are, that the change to the economics delayed the hardfork, but it is expected to go into testing again somewhere on this week, and if things go well, and the witnesses accept it, it is going to be live somewhere next week. Our next broadcast is going to be in two weeks, on 8th of February.


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