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bitcoinmeister (65)in bitcoin • 55 minutes ago

Bitcoin rocks the CBOE! Bplatinum silliness, Steem dollar pump!
The world was so interested in Bitcoin that the CBOE site crashed because of web traffic. While the masses are clearly…
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louisthomas (63)in bitcoin • 1 hour ago

My Strategy for a Bear Market in Cryptocurrencies
Noodlesdoctor says "Currently we're in a bull market but have you got a strategy for a bear market?"
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marketreport (68)in money • 2 hours ago

Important Updates: Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin. By Gregory Mannarino
(VIDEO). Gregory Mannarino Everything you need to beat the stock market in one place FREE. Click HERE: Number…
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joeparys (58)in steemit • 2 hours ago

Steem Creators Get A Huge Pay Raise! Steem Dollars Worth $9+
Hi Everyone! After watching a video by my friend and business parnter @jerrybanfield I noticed the rapid rise in…
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arorapuneet (51)in steemit • 1 hour ago

steemit TOP 10 countries user in World!
1.USA 2.South korea 3.UK 4.India 5.Germany 6.France 7.Spain 8.Japan 9.Canada 10.Rest world See the graph…
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vlemon (62)in bitcoin • 1 hour ago

Bitcoin is Morphing into a Systemic Threat
In this article we will explore how CBOE futures are changing Bitcoin and how this could be its downfall. Image…
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carlosd15 (63)in video • 13 minutes ago

✅ Novedades: Texcoin, Areszcoin, Riseconnect, Exacoin, Eigeincoin & Lendconnect
Ingresa a mi canal de YouTube aquí Anuncio importante (descargo de responsabilidad): Las información suministrada…
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rosemary1986 (50)in btc • 12 minutes ago

Dave Chapman, Managing Director of Octagon Strategy, was a guest on the Squawk Box television show, aired on CNBC…
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lindajones (51)in news • 19 minutes ago

Bitcoin and retail trade - 2017 Dec
With transaction costs close to 15 euros on average[1] it seems obvious that Bitcoin is no longer (or not yet?) a…
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moneytalker (45)in litecoin • 27 minutes ago

Litecoin Price Reaches $185
Follow or upvote or re-steem it to share the information among users...
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ramsteem (42)in ether • 44 minutes ago

Beware of the fake wallet in Apple Store
Do not download myetherwallet from Apple Store since it is not the official app from myetherwallet. This app was…
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moneytalker (45)in cryptocurrency • 41 minutes ago

Next BitCoin is IOTA… Watch out
Here is the graph and it shows it will go high. It is the right time to buy it. Proof of Market Cap from…
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zer0hedge (70)in bitcoin • 2 hours ago

Bitcoin Vs Fiat Currency: Which Fails First?
Content adapted from this article : Source [ Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog…
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journeyoflife (63)in bitcoin • 2 hours ago

Bitcoin back up after new features
The dispatch of prospects on a managed trade is a watershed for bitcoin, whose surge this year has spellbound…
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hashrushgame (50)in ico • 2 hours ago

Experiences from a Successful ICO: Part 1—Bounty Campaigns
It's been a month and a half since our ICO ended, allowing all of us at Hash Rush to take a breath and reflect on what…
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ayusor (54)in bitcoin • 1 hour ago

✴️ Bitcoin Dances to the Beat of its Own Drum ✴️
Bitcoin is not correlated to stocks, bonds, commodities or vol. This is good in terms of Portfolio Management, if…
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marketreport (68)in money • 40 minutes ago

Do Not Bet Against Bitcoin! By Gregory Mannarino
As we all know Bitcoin is now being traded on the futures markets, and it seems like there are a few of you who have…
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haejin (68)in bitcoin • 3 hours ago

KABOOOM!! ByteCoin (BCN) Surges 80% to as High as $0.0028 from Recommended $0.00155!!!
SUMMARY Bytecoin (BCN) was recommended three months ago when price was about $0.0155. The below chart was…
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cristi (70)in steemit • 3 hours ago

How to Reduce your Fees when Withdrawing BTC from Bittrex
In light of the recent surge in the price of BTC, some folks might have gone unaware of the fees practiced by some…
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ali-saeed (49)in bitcoin • 5 minutes ago

Ways to Accelerate Your Bitcoin Transaction
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