One of the best Kebab house in Mumbai by Chow Down My Lane

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Mumbai ... The city that never sleeps, the city of Dreams, and the city with the Cullinary delight.

Mumbai is magnetic and calls you back. Mumbai boasts of the Best Street Food and Best Non Veg food available. The flag bearer of this can indeed be a restaurant started in 1946, in the posh area of Colaba, Just behind the Taj mahal Hotel, Near the Gateway of India - The Bademiya.

Bademiya has proven that there are very few restaurants and eating outlets in the world that can match the amazing Non Veg and Veg food being served to people for over a 72 Years.

We had to start our Mumbai journey with bademiya ... come and enjoy the culinary delight we experienced.

There is no bigger pleasure in Life than to meet new people and eat some lovely food. I love FOOD and love to Travel for Delicious FOOD. Here on Chow Down my Lane, I'll take you on a journey of the ultimate culinary experience.
I was so impressed when i read somewhere "Food is the Silent Language of Happiness"

I'll try bring this happiness to you.

Please write to me at [email protected] and give me your feedbacks, appreciations, comments and where we can improve.

Also what you want to see and where all you want me to visit.

Look forward to you company in this journey, down this lane of Happiness.

Chow Down My Lane

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