The ultimate Indian breakfast by Davidsbeenhere

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I teamed up with my friend Anubhav from Delhi Food Walks to go on the Ultimate Indian Breakfast Street Food Tour of Old Delhi, India. Indian Street Food is the reason to travel to Delhi!

This was truly the ultimate Indian breakfast street food tour of Old Delhi where we ate over a dozen different dishes. From the delicious Daulat Ki Chaat to Goat Feet and Goat Curry. Every dish was so different, from spicy to sweet, you have to go on this Indian breakfast street food tour!

Here is a list of all the dishes we tried:
-Bedmi Poori
-Aloo Sabzi
-Nagori Halwa
-Daulat Ki Chaat
-Lotan Ji Chole Kulche
-Mutton Paaya
-Mutton Nahari
-Goat Curry
-Lachcha Parantha
-Buffalo Biryani
-Chole Bhature
-Spice Market
-Flower Market
-Coconut Burfi
-Sew Badam Burfi
-Karanchi Halwa

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